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Wainscoting, starting at $$65/lft

When I came up with this specific design i was trying to achieve the following goals:

1. make the product look very attractive (get the “wow” effect from people that see it);

2. make the product cost efficient;

3. be able to manufacture the parts in the shop and spend as less time as possible in the customer’s house. Most of the clients who hire us, live in their houses and they appreciate our focus on avoiding disturbance and keep the house clean and functional;

4. one of the most important advantages of this design: it can be installed on the top of the stringers ( the side piece of the stairs) without making any alterations to the stairs;

– for this wainscoting I’m using 3/4″ thick and 3″ wide poplar that is installed directly on the wall with liquid nails and 18 gauge nails. All the pieces are also glued together and glued to the wall;

– the 3/4 poplar and the wall creates the idea of a recessed panel; inside this panel I’m installing a 1/2″ thick and 3/4″ wide trim, this is installed using 23 gauge nails;

– the top section of the wainscoting consist in a horizontal piece of “nosing”, 3/4″ thick and 2 1/4 wide; a 1 5/8″ crown molding installed underneath and a another 1 1/2″ wide molding (commonly used to create picture frames on the wall);

– the bottom of the wainscoting starts with a baseboard; this particular piece is different from house to house, usually I’m presenting a catalog with options or i match the baseboards with the one in the house; in any situation this part is included in our offer;

The whole woodworking is then sanded, primed and painted, most of the time with top quality white semigloss paint from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams, the customer’s choice.