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Splash Carpentry saw a huge opportunity in opening an account on Angie’s List. In less than two years, it became the leading service provider in its to area.” The reviews collected on Angie’s List are all from real people, more or less satisfied with the relation they had with Splash Carpentry. If you are not an Angie’s List member, bellow you can see all the reviews that Splash Carpentry received on this site. This section will be updated every month…

All Reviews:

Review Date: (June 28, 2012)

Late in our self-contracted whole-house renovation we decided our stairs were not salvageable. We found Spashcarpentry on the internet and discovered they were local. Adrian impressed us with several great suggestions for our stairwell design. He helped us get a beautiful result with our modest budget. He also delivered the project on time, on budget and with excellent customer service and communication. He also worked incredibly well with our main sub-contractor, which could have been an issue, given we still had work happening on both floors.”

Review Date: (June 28, 2012)

Very plesant. great people to work with. They estimated the project would take 2 days, and they finished in 2 days.”

Review Date: (June 28, 2012)

Late in our self-contracted whole-house renovation we decided our stairs were not salvageable. We found Splash Carpentry on the internet and discovered they were local. Adrian impressed us with several great suggestions for our stairwell design. He helped us get a beautiful result with our modest budget. He also delivered the project on time, on budget and with excellent customer service and communication. He also worked incredibly well with our main sub-contractor, which could have been an issue, given we still had work happening on both floors.”

Review Date: (July 28, 2012)

Adrian provided great consultative and design advise from the begin. The work was professionally, prompt and accurate. Passed the village inspection. Everyone loves the stair work and design. They are well built, sturdy and great looking. Everyone takes pictures of the stairs to replicate in their homes.”

Review Date: (August 26, 2012)

Excellent!! Tremendous work ethic and communication. Always did what he said he was going to do and never committed to something he could not do!!! The work was difficult do to slowness of the main crew, but Adrian worked around the issues and made it happen.”

Review Date: (September 05, 2012)

They are very good. He really tries to make sure that he is doing what you want instead of doing what he wants. He is very customer service oriented. I think he is a very good carpenter. He is the most punctual contractor.”

Review Date: (September 07, 2012)

I purchased the flooring they took care of the rest.”

Review Date: (September 14, 2012)

Adrian was very helpful. He purchased the materials and he installed them right away. The project lasted 5 days as he promised. I was very pleased with his service. I will definitely hire them again.”

Review Date: (September 19, 2012)

I rented a commercial space in order to open a verizon independent dealer. I hired Adrian, first for the carpentry, cabinetry (special kind provided by verizon) and flooring, then, when i realized i have a very honest and skilled guy to work with, i let him in charge with all the other aspects of remodeling. He completed his tasks on time, by the codes, no delays.
the other trades he brought in: painter, electrician and tile setter had the same attitude towards their work: disciplined, polite, professional and very important : on time.
the store had the grand opening as scheduled and is a successful business today.
for anyone who wants to admire Adrian’s work, the store is open

Review Date: (September 22, 2012)

Adrian did an excellent job. Everything went exactly as he said it would. He was creative, thoughtful, careful, friendly, skilled and very pleasant to work with. The result was outstanding. His work is of very high quality and matches the other fine finishes in our home. He is very professional and polite. He works diligently and quietly with focus. He is precise and efficient. We’ve had a lot of work done on our home and our experience with Adrian was among the very best. We highly recommend him to anyone seeking fine custom stair projects.”

Review Date: (September 22, 2012)

I started roughing my basement in 2008 and hired Splash Carpentry to finish the job, including designing a set of stairs.
My goal was to match the existing woodwork’s quality in the house but at the same time make the new woodwork have a “better-than-stock” look.
Splash Carpentry worked with me from my concept to finish the rough in, build what has been described as the “bathroom of bathrooms,” create a 20-linear foot L-shaped desk along with built-in shelves and cabinets, architect an oak staircase (white spindles, white risers, red oak rails and treads) — and engineer the most ingenious set of red-oak under-stair shelving.
The design preserved the original integrity of the rest of the house, it added just the perfect touch of elegance (but not too much) to your ordinary basement, and it increased my useable space with stunningly beautiful, deep shelves that are neatly tucked into each side of an open staircase that seems to float from the upper level to the lower level.
Topped with a 6-panel glass-and-wood French door, the overall project has impressed every visitor. I am glad that I hired Splash Carpentry for this project. Every aspect of their work was exceptional from communication to translating my verbal ad hoc designs to their timeliness to their attention to detail and price.
My feeling was that the harder the project, the more Splash Carpentry would excel at it

Review Date: (September 24, 2012)

I was looking for a custom made walnut post for my stairs. i found Adrian on eBay and i liked his store. he had exactly what i wanted. i had no problem hiring him right away after checking his reputation on eBay, which is very good.as expected, the job went smoothly, without issues. Adrian proved to be a very polite guy and very careful with the schedule. i was very happy with the work he did on my stairs and i decided to hire him for the hardwood floor project too.it was the same pleasant experience: on time, clean (they have dustless sanding tools), precise and focused on details. i will hire him again, for any carpentry job i will have in the future.”

Review Date: (September 25, 2012)

Although there were some design challenges from the beginning, overall it went great considering what we were trying to accomplish.”

Review Date: (October 16, 2012)

The deck off the kitchen of our 1890s house didn’t have a handrail on the stairs leading down to the back yard. Adrian built a newell post and handrail that complemented the style of the vintage Victorian posts on the house. It is secured in such a way that we now never have to worry about the safety issue of not having a railing to grab onto when using the stairs. Recent guests have already complimented us on the improvement. The job was done in one morning and exceeded our expectations. Adrian is a valuable resource once again and he will be the person we return to the next time we need carpentry work done on our home.”

Review Date: (October 16, 2012)

I bought a house that needed major updating. The team has been very professional and courteous from the first day. Always able to communicate with them. Even took my “silly” questions such as “will you be sealing the tile?”… Thankful for this team. They also completed the project BEFORE deadline, and did not go over budget. The price they quoted was the price I paid. Thanks to Andrew and Vasi the home I purchased has been TRANSFORMED into something that I am looking forward to enjoying for many, many years to come! I’m already looking forward to seeing what other projects I can hire them to do around the house.”

Review Date: (October 17, 2012)

Overall rating is A+
Very satisfied

Review Date: (October 25, 2012)

Overall, the job was superior to what I expected. The team was on-time, polite, clean and hard working. Given that they were basically removing access, at first from the ground floor to the second, and then from the second to the 3rd floor, the coordination to allow us to “live” in our house was very important. Adrian is a true professional and goes above and beyond to assure a satisfied customer. He is very courteous, responsive and dependable.”

Review Date: (October 30, 2012)

He and his assistant Paul arrived on time, were friendly and competent
and even went to pick up some drywall for me, so I could finish the job
after they finished the framing.
Paid them for the dry wall and that was the only extra expense.
Roger Akers

Review Date: (November 06, 2012)

Very smoothly. They contacted me immediately. We set a schedule that would work for both of us. They were on time, the work was professional, and they cleaned up completely.”

Review Date: (November 06, 2012)

I was very surprised how easily this repair was made. They were on time and very professional and knew exactly how to completely repair the problem. Very pleased.”

Review Date: (November 20, 2012)

He worked well and was both friendly and professional.”

Review Date: (December 01, 2012)

I purchased the $199 offer for a professional carpenter for the day. I had planned only for the replacement of the molding around my sliding glass door. I was unaware they could also do flooring. When Doru arrived to look at the project, I showed him the damage on the master bedroom wood flooring from water seeping into my condo unit for 7+ years because the developer had not put flashing above the sliding glass door. The condo association finally agreed to put in flashing for the building this fall so I was ready to replace the areas of damage. Andrew informed me they could also replace the portions of the floor that was water damaged and refinish and seal the floor. In addition, they could re-grout my master bathroom shower stall. The estimate he gave me was reasonable. They were very professional and timely. All three projects were completed in one day and they cleaned up afterwards. I haven’t seen my master bedroom floor look this beautiful since I purchased it 14 years ago. Splash carpentry apparently also does handyman and electrical work. I am so pleased with their work, I plan to contact them early next year to put recessed lighting into my master bedroom.”

Review Date: (December 02, 2012)

The guy came out and assessed my situation. He seemed nice and was on time. I needed a shelf put above my t.v. and possibly to sides on both sides of my t.v. to “box it in”. I considered a shelf but wasn’t sure if I was going to get it. Regardless, he insisted a drywall guy to make it look professional. I asked him how much extra it would be. He said, “oh not much at all’. So the drywall guy came out. He assessed the situation and then sent me an estimate of the work to be an ADDITIONAL $700 on top of the $200 I paid for the supposed 8 hours of carpentry work. This $200 lure was only to get you to spend more money. Don’t use them. They are sneaky.”

Review Date: (December 03, 2012)

Adrian did a phenomenal job and we are incredibly happy with the results. Prior to the work, the staircase was cramped and unpractical. Now it not only looks great, it functions much better as a staircase for the family. Adrian helped us figure out the options available in our price range and went above and beyond to our expectations to ensure we were happy with the job. He did an awesome job and is a real craftsman.”

Review Date: (December 03, 2012)

When Adrian brought the cabinet into the kitchen we found out that we only had an inch of room to stand the cabinet upright. With Adrian’s experience and expertise he managed to get the cabinet upright without having to make any modifications.
Once he was able to get it to stand upright he installed the cabinet in the space perfectly snug. He then made sure that all the fillers and kicker panel were installed properly. All the doors and hinges were opening and closing as they should and the gaps between the cabinet doors were even. This was all performed without a single scratch. I highly recommend Splash Carpentry as they take pride in their workmanship

Review Date: (December 07, 2012)

The first task I wanted completed was the Murphy Bed, here I gave my designs to Adrian and he interpreted them excellently (hopefully you will see the two pictures above, one up and one down). This involved not only sourcing all the materials to make the bed work but also to work within the constraints I had mandated in the design. Their was also 4 shelves to be built alongside the bed itself.
After Adrian’s team had installed the Murphy Bed (complete with fitted mattress, painted and working) I was confident for them to start work on the more visual and demanding design creations I had produced for other areas within the condo.
The second task I had picked was the main master bedroom bed frame and associated wood work. This involved installing a drop ceiling (3 ft in length) above the bed and moving electrical supplies and switches – all were handled confidently by the team. The team built all of the items in place and it now looks marvelous as the picture above shows – I am sure you will agree (note all colors, art work etc were designed by myself).
After this was a success I had no problems carrying on with the other 4 remaining items, all were bulit in place and secured to the walls, left free standing whatever the requirement.
I would recommend ‘Splash Carpentry” to anybody requiring a dedicated, bespoke, custom build.
best regards – Steve Hyde

Review Date: (December 10, 2012)

They did an awesome job!! Everything was done above expectation- very nicely done. Overall a great experience. Wonderful people to work with. We will hire them again certainly.”

Review Date: (December 12, 2012)

I had a great experience with Splash Carpentry. This was the second job I asked him to come over to Virginia to do. Amazing that I trust him enough to allow his service from out-of-state. Adrian is a true professional and he has made my fear with constructions worried-free. I really enjoy the team. I am planning to ask him and his team to come over to Virginia to do some sanding of my two Brazilian Cherry staircase. I have referred them to my friends and I know they will be very happy.”

Review Date: (December 13, 2012)

I think they did an excellent job at a very fair price.”

Review Date: (December 14, 2012)
We had hardwood flooring installed by another company. After looking at the great job they were doing we realized that we just didn’t want to put the ugly 70s era iron rails back up on our updated floors. So, I sent Adrian an email with pics of the old stairs and asked if he had time for the job. He came over the next day, we picked out the newell posts and balusters online that night, Adrian brought them over to show us the next day and started working that evening! He worked day and night, and a few days later we had a staircase that exceeded our expectations! Adrian was great to work with, very knowledgeable, fantastic attitude, and did the job at a great price. He provided advice on what we should do and we love the result. He even coordinated around the floor guys’ schedule and with the painters who were touching up the baseboards to make sure the risers and stringer would match. I have already recommended Adrian to a few of my friends and will do so again. We will definitely call Adrian again when it’s time to deal with our awful basement stairs.”

Review Date: (December 23, 2012)

Very happy with the experience. Adrian was easy to work with, responsive, and does high quality work. I will use his services again.”

Review Date: (December 29, 2012)

very professional services. we’ll consider them for future services.”

Review Date: (January 14, 2013)

Very well. Adrian was careful to understand what we were looking for and adapted our idea to make it better. Construction was quick and sturdy and they cleaned up after themselves. Adrian kept referring to the work as fun and said that he would like to build more in the future.”

Review Date: (February 18, 2013)

Very well done. Exceeded my expectations. The team was punctional, polite and professional. They cleaned up the job site nicely.”

Review Date: (February 23, 2013)

As a single woman living alone, I felt very safe with all the workmen.
Having Splash Carpentry do such great work in my home I know I’ll be having more work done and will call them when I have work that they do. They were prompt, cheerful, courteous, and kind.
Thanks Splash Guys

Review Date: (February 28, 2013)

They are very good. My neighbor is an architect and he came over and said the work is excellent. These people are the whole package- builders, designers, and fine craftsmen. It’s hard to find someone who can work with what already exists in your house and can add to it, improve it, and make it all look good. They built a wall of cabinetry for me around cabinets that were already there and it looks great and functions great. They are highly skilled craftsmen. They cleaned up at the end of every day and at the end of the job. They were also pet friendly to my dog. Andrew is my contact and he works with Vasi and Dennis. They are very easy to work with. Andrew says anything is doable and he is always willing to discuss project options with you. He is fair and gives great advice.”

Review Date: (March 03, 2013)
Angie’s had a special for Splash construction and I needed some doors hung and walls framed. Andrew came and gave an estimate of what he would be able to do with the 8 man-hours that the coupon was for. The day before the work was to be done, my wife and daughter got ill and the work needed to be re-scheduled. Andrew and Splash were extremely accommodating. Once re-scheduled, two carpenters came over and began work. Were it not for MY errors in getting a wrong size door and not enough lumber, they would have definitely finished.”

Review Date: (March 04, 2013)

When I bought the Big Deal, they scheduled a time to spec out the job. They took off their shoes when they came in. They were very polite and professional. We walked through the work that needed to be done. The offered good advice and took detailed notes. I told them that I wasn’t in a rush to get the job done so they could prioritize other Big Deal customers first. About six weeks later, Andrew called back to schedule time to do the job. He showed up on time. And did all the work quickly and elegantly. He got the new banister to match the other banisters I already had in my house, both in terms of dimension and the stain. He tried several different stains to on a sample piece of wood to get it right. He also fixed the annoying problems with my closet door and shutter in about 15 minutes — and figured out a way to do it that would cause the least disruption (I thought he was going to have to take everything off and plane the wood down…but he was smarter than that…and just adjusted the location of some hinges.
I’d happily use them again

Review Date: (March 14, 2013)

Very clean and professional, excellent quality of workmanship.”

Review Date: (March 18, 2013)

Yes, I would hire this company for a future job.”

Review Date: (March 21, 2013)

Adrian was able to work with me on my schedule as I’m out of the country much of the time. It was a two day schedule with the worker(s) working from 800am to 700pm the first day and 900am to 230pm the second. First day removal of old staircase, sanding, installation of posts and bannisters. Then initial staining. Second day touch up staining, varnish, and baluster install. All in all a professional and competent company doing what they said they would do.”

The painting was commissioned as a Christmas gift for my family. All of us are delighted with the result.”

Review Date: (March 25, 2013)

I am very pleased with Splash. they were quick to respond, quick to come out and easy to get an appointment on my preferred dates. I am happy with each and every thing I had them do, and I will have them back in the future for more work. There was an aesthetic issue with the bookcases they made, so they took them back, made the changes I wanted at no extra cost and brought them back – people are surprised they aren’t original to the house, they look like they’ve always been here, and they took the old trim and put it on the front so it matches seamlessly. A++++
Their rates were fair and still better than competitors.
AND – they referred me to the BEST painters, ever! They work with quality people!
I am VERY happy with Splash, they helped a lot with my recent remodel of a vintage 1929 house

Review Date: (April 09, 2013)

Mathew did a wonderful job of fixing the hardwood floor between dining room and family room area where a partition wall was removed and also sanded and refinished with the stain that matched with the rest of the first floor. He also fixed the squeaky stairs.
Impressed with his work, asked him to lay the prefinished hardwood flooring on our second floor bedrooms. Mathew and his crew did a wonderful job all along and everything looks perfect

Review Date: (April 13, 2013)

Adrian is a friendly, honest and hard working craftsman. He arrived on time to give the estimate and was easy to talk to. He inspected my back stair railing which I knew was dangerously shaky and poorly built, and we reached a mutual understanding that they needed to be removed and completely rebuilt. Adrian suggested a style of baluster as well as newel post that would match my new kitchen cabinetry. (These were items that he would have to build in his shop.) I knew that this project was not a 4 hour job. We scheduled the work and he arrived the day before the work was to begin to drop off supplies such as my newly crafted newel posts and balusters. He arrived early and worked steadily for 2 days to complete the project. Excellent job.”

Review Date: (April 17, 2013)

We always wanted to have something to remember our heritage.My wife and I decided to order something special for our home, something that our children will be proud of. After long discussions we were set on buying a portrait of the most prominent leader from Transylvania, Vlad the Impaler. This would be specific of our heritage and an example for our kids. Now, the decision was an easy task for us, the difficult part was to come! Where in the world would we be able to find the right craftsman to create such an image? We wanted to be perfect, we wanted to be detailed and to represent exactly Vlad the Impaler. We were not very enthusiastic anymore, because we didn’t know if such a person could execute what we’re asking for. We searched all sites possible and we found some artists who they promised to execute the portrait but they were not so sure about it. Luckily we knew this carpenter from years back when we hired him to finish our floor and at that time he told us about his dream of creating sculptures. We were not sure that he will be of any help but we tried. And for our surprise, he was available to show us his progress in sculpture dream. He
invited us to his shop and display some of the recent works. I was very impressed with his work, and we hired him for the job! It was one of the best decisions that I ever made! We are very happy with the sculpture portrait and the professionalism
that he executed his work! Thank you Adrian

Review Date: (April 24, 2013)

Overall the experience went very well. I had purchased an Angie’s List deal at the beginning of the year. Before purchasing though I reached out to Splash to see if they would be able to do the work for me.
I received an almost immediate reply asking for some photos of the space and ideas of what I was looking for, which I sent via email and got a response back that they would be able to do the project for me.
The morning of the build, Oliver arrived promptly, I gave him an overview of what I was looking for and he took it from there. He did an exceptional job on the shelves and built them better than I had originally envisioned.
The space was returned to me in the same manner in which I gave it to him, he cleaned up after himself there was no sawdust anywhere and he neatly stacked the leftover materials for me to deal with.
I am very satisfied with the work that was completed and will definitely use Splash Carpentry when the need arises

Review Date: (April 29, 2013)

Great service and price. We had crown molding installed after a DIY install went bad. Also had shoe molding installed around the hallway and kitchen. From start to finish it probably took about an two hours. This included covering the entire kitchen in plastic. They made sure to move or protect everything which was nice to see. Clean up was great too.
We already had the molding and trim. So we only paid about $150 for JUST an install. WORTH EVERY PENNY

Review Date: (May 21, 2013)

It was a slow start, the first person they sent out to do an estimate was kind but took almost 2 weeks to send back an estimate. When I contacted the main office, they told me they would send out another estimator. Then the original guy sent me a quote, but the main office told me that guy was no longer employed by them.
Fortunately, the 2nd guy, was prompt and got the project moving quicker and what was originally a cheaper estimate than the 1st. We had some rough spots setting up an installation date since I don’t text, but once we established communication via email they came out and in one day did all the work. They cleaned up very well and did a great job. The ladder works well and the floor in our attic is stable and covers more ground than I expected.
The price of the job was boosted $200 when they realized they had to move more electrical pipes/ducts than expected. Seemed reasonable.
Overall a solid performance once we got past some mild setbacks

Review Date: (May 27, 2013)

They came on time. Very professional. They finished the job in one day. We are very pleased with they work and would recommend them to everyone. We will absolutely use them in the future.”

Review Date: (June 05, 2013)
Project to be reviewed, problem with email system and Spam, did not connect right away.
We should get rid of e-mails all together and get back to the basics of human dialogue.
Will be going over project shortly with owner

Review Date: (June 05, 2013)

We have a very tight schedule and open to the professional recommendation. Adrian definitely meets my requirements. He is very considerate to adjust the priority to meet my schedule, gave me a lot of recommendation, I think I took all his suggestion on all the wood work detail. I also visited his small workshop and impressed by the wood work he did. Beyond complete what he commits, I like to work with him and his team because he always has the right attitude. Most of the time, he reply my email in couple minutes so that I wonder if he is working on my project:) Overall, it is a very positive experience working with him. And stair work is on the way.”

Review Date: (June 05, 2013)

This is the second project that Splash Carpentry has done for us. The first was rebuilding a railing on a staircase. We live in a vintage home that was built beautifully by skilled craftsman. Any work that we do in our home we expect to be done to this high standard. Or front vestibule looked tired and not in keeping with the elegance of the home. We brought Adrian in to intall custom wainscotting. He did a beautiful job. All the measurements were taken on site and the paneling was cut and built on site. Adrian was responsive to our questions and our tweaking of the design. He was timely and hard working as usual. We plan to use him again for additional projects because of his lovely demeanor, work ethic and craftsmanship. He is quite a find.”

Review Date: (June 06, 2013)

We used Splash to do thin crown molding, baseboard trim, and casing around sliding glass doors in our living room, dining room and foyer. They did an amazing job!! We had been talking about doing this project forever, and over the years had two other contractors come in to give us estimates. They other contractors made it seem like it would be very difficult because the building is older and not everything is perfectly level. One even talked about moving all of our air vents, etc.
Sorin and his team came in for the estimate and completely understood what we wanted and made it seem like it was no big deal. They did the project over two days, and it was completely painless. We left them a key with our doorman and started at 9:00 am and finished at 5:00. It looks great!! They even managed to get the trim over our sliding glass doors, which they weren’t sure of because of the aluminum frame. They even hung a hook for us that we needed put up in the kitchen.
Sorin was a pleasure to work with, and his team did a great job. I have no idea how many guys he brought with, but he assured us he would bring as many as he needed to get the job done in two days. We are already thinking of other projects that we could use them for. I would definitely recommend them to anyone, and am very happy to have found a resource like Splash

Review Date: (June 07, 2013)

The finished is beautiful. Most of the issues had to do with fixing things that were my fault. All of them were fixed in ways that make it look very nice.
I bought a prehung door. Once the old door was removed, we found the frame was the wrong size. He made a shim that fit in really nicely and nobody will ever see it.
I cut the pieces for the closet door frame and stained them. I was off by a bit and he was able to trim it down to fit perfectly.
One of the issues was that there is a curve and shoe molding had to be curved. I had soaked and bent it but it was not close enough. He was able to piece in the shoe so that it looks very nice and nobody will ever know unless they are removing it.
The only issue we had was in scheduling. I think there was some miscommunication from both sides. But in the end it all worked out well

Review Date: (June 09, 2013)

Splash Carpentry was very pleasant towork with. He was patient and quick to respond. We initially hired him thinking we needed to replace our wooden railings that were damaged. He was very honest and said he could repair them and offered to do other services to fill up the 8 hour Angie’s List Big Deal we had purchased. We wanted to hire him to build a wnidow seat but our window wouldn’t allow that without a great deal of work. So, instead, he had “Uncle George” come out and help with what we needed. He was friendly, thorough and great to work with. Splash Carpentry went above and beyond our expectations. We highly recommend then and plan to use them for future carpentry jobs.”

Review Date: (Review Date: June 10, 2013)

It went well. They were easy to work with and good-natured throughout. They had good suggestions about different ways to approach the problem, and never tried to impose any work on us that we didn’t want done. They worked quickly, but carefully, and we are quite happy with the finished job.”

Review Date: (June 17, 2013)

Everything went very smoothly! Looks amazing and completed quickly.”

Review Date: (June 19, 2013)

Extremely happy with the work. He replaced the wooden balusters with iron balusters. We purchased an Angie’s deal for this project. Would definitely recommend them and would contact again for other jobs.”

Review Date: (June 25, 2013)

We contacted owner Adrian at Splash Carpentry via email and asked if he would be able to help us rebuild three steep stairs from our kitchen into our family room. The stairs had narrow treads and were difficult to use because there were no railings. Adrian responded promptly with a request for a photo, and once it was sent, he said he would be able to do the job. We set up a home visit for measurements and shortly after that he asked me to visit his website to select balusters and newel posts. He said he had a company he worked with that would match the stain on the stairs to the color of our wood floor in the family room. He provided a detailed quote, after I submitted my choices, for $1400, which I thought was quite reasonable considering he had to destroy the current stairs, rebuild, and stain the steps. I saw his work on his website and felt confident we were going to get quality work. Via email we set up work days. On day 1, a Monday, Adrian dropped off materials so he would be ready to go on day 2. On day 2, a Tuesday, demolition started in the morning and the rebuilding began. An assistant helped with the work. Both men apologized for the noise, but there was no need because that’s what demolition is all about. We were welcomed to watch the progress and ask questions throughout the day. Both Adrian and his assistant were professional and friendly throughout the long day. When the stairs were completed, it was 12 hours later, and the only evidence that they had been there were the beautiful stairs remaining. They swept the garage clean (they used that has a staging area as it is an attached garage), and cleaned up the family room as well. On day 3, a Saturday, the stainer arrived. He was friendly and professional. We left him alone in our home as we had other obligations, and he took care of our house as he said he would. He sealed off the family room with plastic to minimize the smell, and left a spotless room. We returned at night to discover beautifully stained, and perfectly matched, stairs that no longer are a danger to use. Instead, we have a work of art in our family room. Our family room feels finished with these sturdy stairs. We are absolutely delighted with the work.”

Review Date: (July 01, 2013)

They came worked hard and were very neat.”

Review Date: (July 01, 2013)

Detail and very unique design, and well coordinated with the floor work. Everything goes smooth. Highly recommend.”

Review Date: (July 08, 2013)

It has not been done. He was going t get back to us in the spring and we never heard from him. I would liek to get a refund or a credit.”

Review Date: (July 08, 2013)

Absolutely first-rate outcome. Gheorghe (a Romanian craftsman) came every day, even on some rainy days, and he meticulously and methodically did a master job. I accompanied him to lumber yards to pick out the best boards and materials available. He rejected maybe 10 boards for every one he selected, and the results speak for themselves–no knot holes, no curved or bowed boards, and everything straight & true. Gheorghe constantly used his leveler to ensure that every part of the deck was on the level or sloped as needed to aid run-off. He advised me on adhering to building codes, made some needed strengthening & safety adjustments, and he pointed out numerous ways to enhance the look of the deck such as beveling the railings. He even poured a concrete slab beneath one of the stairs that he built.

I work at home, and so I was fortunate to see Gheorghe in action . . . efficiently measuring, sawing, drilling, screwing, and hammering. It really was a pleasure to see him work. He mentally constructed the entire deck and had me take notes about quantities of various items, knowing exactly how many feet & types of boards would be required, how many nails, and how many screws he would need. No waste at all, and when finished he helped me return any leftover materials for a refund. And then he came and removed the large pile of leftover lumber and rubbish before my poor lawn suffered much underneath it all. He even raked the lawn!

I wholeheartedly recommend Splash Carpentry. They were responsive, attentive to my concerns, and showed me the error of my ways when I lacked vision about how to make the end result most appealing. I learned a lot in the process, and the end results was far beyond my expectations. They are a major reason for the start of a wonderful summer of 2013 around my house. I am cooking up other projects that I hope they’ll take on for me in the near future.”

Review Date: (July 12, 2013)

They did a good job, and got it done in the allotted time. They were professional, and cleaned up after themselves.”

Review Date: (July 15, 2013)


Review Date: (July 15, 2013)

Everything was great- it was an Angies List Deal- very professional & turned out great- great price & service- what more can you ask for!! It was a day project.”

Review Date: (July 16, 2013)

We learned about Splash Carpentry through an Angie’s List Big Deal coupon offer. I contacted the owner, Adrian, via e-mail prior to purchasing the coupon to confirm that they would take the job. I sent pictures and we had a few back and forth discussions via e-mail. Adrian responded quickly to all e-mails. I authorized him to purchase necessary supplies.
George, our carpenter, was prompt and pleasant. There was some initial confusion because either I hadn’t known what questions to ask Adrian or because Adrian didn’t understand, from the pictures exactly what we needed. George was surprised to see that we needed a post and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he was able to incorporate all of our original parts. George took it all in stride and left to build a post. There was no additional cost (because the coupon covered 8 hours of labor). The staircase looks great and I couldn’t be more pleased

Review Date: (July 22, 2013)

I bought the Angie’s LIst Big Deal for carpentry work and used it to have some crown molding installed in our home. I contacted Splash Carpentry prior to purchasing per their request and got a rough estimate of the time. We agreed we would pick up and provide the material so everything was at the house and ready to go for the carpenters. Not having seen the space other than in pictures they estimated they could do two rooms for the price of the deal. They were very responsive via email although communication about the schedule for when they would come could have been better, I had to reach out to them to confirm and set up, but once I reached out they responded appropriately. When they came to install they were only there for 2 hours (the deal covered 4 hours with 2 men). Since I had pre-paid for the deal and had two other rooms I wanted done (but only had material for the original 2 rooms we initially planned on) they agreed to come back again to install in the two rooms once we had purchased more molding. They came back after a week or so and finished the installation in the other rooms. They worked quickly, were very clean, and they made sure to confirm what we wanted as they were on site. We were very happy with the value and the work and appreciated that they immediately worked with us to fulfill the remaining two hours we purchased with the deal.”

Review Date: (July 24, 2013)

They did a wonderful job and were professional and did excellent work. The crew showed up on time and worked hard during the day. I would recommend them to anyone, and would hire them again. Where we had an old, ugly deck we now have a great looking, shiny new deck.”

Review Date: (July 29, 2013)

They told us they would be here Sat. morning. We waited all morning, into the afternoon, but no one showed up. We never heard back from them. They have a serious lack of professionalism. I would NOT use them and would advise others to avoid them.”

Review Date: (August 04, 2013)

Good work. A little hard to communicate with due to my carpenter having English as a 2nd language, and not all that “nice” about some of my requests, but I guess I only need a good “bed side manner” from my doctor so I’d hire them again as work was good.”

Review Date: (August 05, 2013)

From the start, Adrian was keen to ensure my customer satisfaction by visiting my job site and discussing my requirements, for which he provided a highly competitive quote for both labor and optional materials. He was upfront about timing to complete the work – a three week lead-time which was acceptable. He consistently checked in to confirm details and to confirm job start while working around my personal constraints related to some surgery. He followed through to the end. Paul did most of the detailed work under Adrian’s guidance. What a thoughtfully diligent and hard-working craftsman! Dedicated to perfection, he worked and reworked the trim pieces, periodically checking on my approval and satisfaction. I consider this staircase a masterpiece, and judging by my friends’ critiques, my views are reinforced. Rarely, have I ever felt the need to praise contractors as I have with this team. I gladly topped Splash’s quote with a gratuity, and I am pleased to recommend them to others. In fact, I already have begun my own referrals. These folks show what European craftsmanship has always been about..
As a side note, Adrian referred me to his uncle George, who did an impeccable job of converting all the doors in my townhome from flat slabs to six panel doors at a very reasonable price. Likewise, he changed out and built a custom fireplace mantel on the spot. that too is getting complimentary reviews from some of my friends. George is rather quiet and sometimes difficult to understand, but he really is like my own uncle- caring in spirit and a perfectionist at his work. i admire his professionalism and his work ethic. What a craftsman!!!
The other referral was M&N Flooring. They too provided exceptional value in completing their jobs as well, although outside the scope of my Angie’s List purchase.
Bottom line. Splash is a company you should want to do business with. And yes, I would be most happy to tell others about my experience. Remember these names – Adrian, Paul, Eric, George and Matthew. they are all connected directly or indirectly with Splash Carpentry. Great resources doing quality work for a great price. That is extreme value in my honest opinion

Review Date: (August 05, 2013)
Very courteous, prompt, good work…I would definitely recommend them.”

Review Date: (August 09, 2013)

Adrian coordinated the job and Gheorghe did the carpentry work. The work was excellent, and it is clear that they take pride in their craft. They have great knowledge about wood, and this shows in their work product. I was very happy with the quality of the carpentry work and would utilize their services again. I should note that all of my communication with Adrian was via email, which seems to be their preferred method of communication. This took some time to get used to, but he is very prompt in replying to email messages. Gheorge is a very skilled carpenter, and I strongly recommend him.”

Review Date: (August 10, 2013)

Work performed was excellent, and communication was very good. Adrian communicated his schedule and kept to it closely. The work was great, and we will use him again for future projects.”

Review Date: (August 12, 2013)

Work was done with hustle and quality. Little bit of a late start because of an issue with their van. Got a great deal with their coupon – great work and cleanup – thanks.”

Review Date: (August 15, 2013)

He was very good about communicating and following up. He explained the project, the plan and the cost clearly and upfront. He was prompt, quick and quality minded. The end result exceeded my expectations. I will use Splash Carpentry for my future projects.”

Review Date: (August 20, 2013)

They did a beautiful job! Did a lot of research to find the right material for the curved section of the balcony.”

Review Date: (September 04, 2013)

From start to finish it was a total pleasure working with Dylan. He’s a real professional and master craftsman. I had ideas of a design based on a photo that I liked. After redrawing and working out the details via email and meetings in person, the actual piece he built was so much nicer–not even a comparison. Although it was a built-in unit, he constructed it entirely in his shop–right down to the beautiful lacquer paint job. In only a few hours, the bookcase was installed–and no less on a holiday weekend to accommodate my schedule. I couldn’t be more pleased. I would absolutely use Splash Carpentry again.”

Review Date: (September 10, 2013)

Bought a deal from Angie’s List. Provided the information to Adrian, from Splash. Adrian was very cordial and responsive. I communicated the project to him including sending him pictures of what I wanted. He sent a carpenter to my house who was not versant in English and had instructed the carpenter to construct chair rail, which is not what I requested. Several times, I tried to communicate with the carpenter to direct him and make sure was wanscoating. The carpenter, because of his lack of English couldn’t understand me so continued to build chair rail. After 4-5 hours, and me getting on the phone again with Adrian, we finally affirmed the carpenter was doing the wrong project. The carpenter left because he did not have the correct materials.
It was then a very challenging and difficult communication process to get Adrian to agree to come back to the right project. When I told Adrian that i wanted to try and work this out as I was going to submit a review on Angie’s list after the project finished, he instructed me not to threaten him.
They ultimately came back, finished the project with some adjustments to the original agreement. Much of the project was reasonably accomplished. However, there were some important details which were blatantly overlooked. They attached cracked border back to the wall????? How is it that I wasn’t informed the trim was cracked???? I’m paying to have wanscoating and that diluted the entire project. Shouldn’t EVER happen. Poor quality

Review Date: (September 12, 2013)

If you need any custom woodworking done in your home, hire Adrian. He installed a custom built, beautiful railing on our back staircase to the 2nd floor and he was a pleasure to do business with. Professional, polite, honest, hardworking. Can’t ask for much more. You will not be disappointed in the quality. Will definitely hire again for future projects.”

Review Date: (September 13, 2013)

These guys are hard working and really busy. It took quite a while to schedule the job. There was a bit of confusion around who was getting the special crown molding that I wanted. When we ran out of crown molding we had to wait several weeks for more, then it took a few more weeks to schedule the remaining hour or so of work. Part of the problem was my travel schedule, so I don’t blame them entirely. They did show up on time and work hard. The quality of work on the mantle is excellent. In the room where the crown molding was installed, they coped it in one place and cut it square in another. I’m not sure why. The cuts were smooth, so I could disguise the difference with a bit of sanding, some caulk and paint. Very pleasant and professional workers. They were neat and cleaned up after themselves at the end of the day. They provided good work and good value. I will probably call them again if I need finish carpenters.”

Review Date: (September 16, 2013)

I was looking to remodel our existing staircase and started by looking for new newel posts on Ebay. I was very impressed with the newel posts that Adrian was making out of his shop. I contacted him to see if he would be interested in doing the whole job and he agreed to meet. From the very beginning I had great communication with Adrian. When he came out to quote the job he brought samples of his newel posts, rails and balusters. His price was comparable to others, we decided to go with him because we could tell he loved what he did and showed pride in his work.
Adrian was very conscientious throughout the whole job knowing that we had three little ones at home. When he sanded our existing treads and risers he kept the dust down to a minimum. When he stained and painted he used indoor friendly products. He also went out of his way to build a temporary rail for the safety of our children when he realized the new ones would not be in place before he left that day.
Adrian and his crew showed up on time everyday. Everyone was professional. Our project was completed without a hitch. Our staircase turned out beautiful and we couldn’t be happier. Every visitor that we have had over since the stairs were remodeled has complimented on the quality and appearance. I would not hesitate to recommend Adrian to others

Review Date: (September 16, 2013)

We asked them to design a gate for the top of a set of stairs. We initially had a quick estimate from two guys who came to measure, and we had them redo the design. It took a while for them to get back to us to set the time up for the installation. The install was done by one of the workers, who was quite rude to my wife, barely spoke English, and took much longer to install than originally stated. The gate is fully functional and they did a great job matching the design to the staircase that was there. However, there are several marks on the gate on the wood, filled in with some “filler” but it is very obvious. Luckily we are not that picky or else we would have asked them to redo the gate. The worker was very hard to deal with and I would not want him to come back into our home. In fact, we were going to ask them to do another major project but we are going to use another carpenter because I do not want to deal with this particular worker again. I read very excellent reviews and thus was quite surprised at the quality and the professionalism which lacked for this job.”

Review Date: (September 18, 2013)

Very fast and Quality work, very good punctuality and communication. They are reasonably priced but not low priced. I am very happy with the finished product.”

Review Date: (September 25, 2013)

The owner was very prompt at replying to my request and scheduling a time to give us a quote. When we met him we were very impressed with his ideas and level of skill. He accommodated or gave suggestions about all of our wishes so the staircase would be truly custom made for us.

Once we signed the contract he got right to work making all of the pieces that would be put into place. It was a big job. However, this is where we began to have some minor issues. I asked that the work all be completed by the end of June. Initially I was told that could be done, but as the time approached, he kept putting me off saying that he was still building the custom posts or still painting them. S the start of work on site was later than I had wanted. It wasn’t that big a deal for us, so I was still feeling positive.

Then work began at our house. I was surprised to find that he would be working two jobs at once with his employees. He came in and started off his guys, but then he left! He was the one I had signed up with and I expected that he would be the one doing my job. His employees were fine, but this continued for the rest of the week. We were told the job would take a week, but because he was trying to get two jobs done at once, we ended up having our staircase torn up for a half a week longer than expected. He would stop by at the end of each day to see how things were going and to check in with me, but I felt that we were playing second fiddle to the other job.

Finally on the 15th he did stay and finish the job. It took him until 7at night, but he told us it would be done that day and it was. He knew there was touch up still left, so he arranged for another person to help finish that up the following weekend.

As part of our contract, Adrian wanted to do a wood-carved picture to help grow that part of his business. We did not necessarily want it, but he said he wanted to include it, so we agreed. “7. MANUFACTURE AND DELIVER A CUSTOM CARVING SIMILAR TO THE SAMPLES SEEN ON THE CONTRACTOR’S WEBSITE (THE CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE OF PROVIDING THE PICTURE)” ;to date (now December 14th) we have yet to see the carving. As it is a part of the contract, I feel that it should have been done as promised. Instead, I get excuses, and when I, for the first time in our dealings, complained, I was responded to rather rudely in a way that did not seem professional to me.
Here are the emails regarding this unfinished work.”

Review Date: (September 27, 2013)

I purchased the big deal coupon for this service and I would give them an ‘A’ rating. They came back to fix something that I wasn’t happy with and I really appreciated that.”

Review Date: (September 28, 2013)

Dylan and Chris were great! They sanded both side of our front door ( outside of door had sun damage and the inside of door was painted white.. They sanded both sided down to the wood and then stained the door. We purchased a custom stain glass window that we needed installed into the door. Dylan and Chris did it all! They did it all in one day! We now have a “new” door for a fraction of the cost of a new wood door, Super happy and will use them again.”

Review Date: (September 30, 2013)

I chose Splash Carpentry based on user reviews that they did great trim work and hung doors. We have a lot of custom wood work to be done in the future, and fixing up the nursery and master bedroom was an ideal way to try out this company. Adrian forwarded my email to Sorin, who represented himself as a Splash team member. Sorin came out in a timely fashion and looked at the work to be done, but it took a few follow up emails from me to get an estimate a few weeks later. It had been a month by the time he came with a contract for work for me to sign. I was surprised and confused because the contract was NOT with Splash Carpentry!
I inquired and was told by both Sorin and Adrian that three business names all operate under one insurance policy but that they are one and the same. Sorin’s company had no online reviews at all. I obtained the insurance policy from Adrian. Neither Splash Carpentry nor Sorin’s company were listed on the policy. Being pregnant and in a hurry to get the job done, I decided to cede control and use Splash/Sorin’s company anyway. My husband asked for a business card and we were told Sorin’s work speaks for itself. And boy did it ever…
Sorin installed everything we had discussed, but here is where the work quality suffered:
1. All three doors and all of the trim were painted by Splash with a long haired roller and cheap semigloss latex paint. This permanently texured my trim and it can’t be undone without tedious sanding or complete replacement (I’ve consulted painters). It looks terrible, and the doors only have one coat, meaning I can see the primer contrasting with the white paint. After having painters use a brush and two coats of pearl finish paint to smooth out the texture, the trim still looks poor, but better.
2. The chair railing was installed using cracked/broken material at one location, and nothing was done to fix this.
3. The caulk used at the wall interface of the trim cracked within two weeks. More work for my painters.
4. The removal of the old crown moulding left my ceiling perimeter scarred, sliced, and whole strips of drywall paper were missing. It cost me $300 to have the ceiling patched and repainted by others. I asked before work was done whether there would be risk to the drywall and was told ,”no, we know what we’re doing”. Apparently not, or my question was not understood.
5. One sloped wall above a dormer closet required some special trim detailing and/or spackling below the crown moulding. Sorin stated his plan of attack with confidence. After installation, though, he had not done what he initially proposed, instead opting to partially fill a 3/4″ gap with soft caulk that wasn’t meant for that size. After I pointed this out, he told me that my future painters could finish it for him. So that’s what happened, my painters cleaning up one of many eyesores left in my master bedroom.

Can I say anything positive? Yes. Sorin installed foam sealer where he had uncovered gaps between the wall and ceiling drywall, and took photos prior to placing the new molding. Also, the trim was cut at perfect lengths and angles. It’s the above items I am displeased with, and I have to live with it. I don’t think I feel comfortable inviting Splash or any of its partners back to tackle the rest of the house. I admit that I did not notice the paint issues or cracked trim until after final payment, and decided not to follow up with Sorin because I had more contractors scheduled for the next business day, and the lack of care had been too great and extensive for me to want to micromanage a resolution.
In response to Splash’s response, please note that they were my first review ever, thus the “histogram rating of C.”

Review Date: (October 04, 2013)

Splash rebuilt a beautiful new staircase which was compliant with local code.”

Review Date: (October 04, 2013)

I purchased a carpenter for a week and I was contacted immediately after the purchase. The carpenter came to visit the house and see the project within 2 days. Then he gave me a few options regarding when he could be here. He said he could work 5 8 hour days if that is what I needed but I told him I could be a little flexible and some days he left early. It took him about 8 days to complete the 40 hours of work. He was very easy to work with and prompt and courteous. He worked well with other workers in the house and always was careful to build dust barriers around the work area to keep the dust from spreading. He did a good job each day cleaning up and did a good job returning the work area to its original condition (i.e. put back furniture, put things back inside closets). I plan on using him again soon on more projects.”

Review Date: (October 07, 2013)

Very well, they showed up as promised. Job was completed as promised. Minimum inconvience to us. Cleaned up after themselves very well. Stairs look great.”

Review Date: (October 11, 2013)

They called to set up an appointment to come measure but didn’t show up. When I called he said he’d forgotten all about it. We made another appointment but he didn’t show up for that either. So obviously now I have no faith in this company and do not want to deal with them.”

Review Date: (October 24, 2013)

I had contacted several contractors on Angie’s list; but Splash Carpentry was the only one to actually come out and take measurements. (Everyone else just gave me a ballpark figure over the phone.)
This was the smoothest transaction we have ever had with a contractor! We were shown samples of their work, picked out the stain and newel post and scheduled a date for the installation. Not only was the work completed in a timely manner ( a day and a half for the install) – but the craftsmanship far exceeded my expectations.
Adrian and his crew are all about customer service. It was a pleasure doing business with them

Review Date: (October 25, 2013)

Attempted to coordinate work through Splash Carpentry. We were unable to get solid dates locked in and had a hard time getting a hold of them.”

Review Date: (October 30, 2013)

We contacted him after our last job and wanted him to work
on our trim, crown-molding, and a custom made retractable table. As usual we
called him and answer right away (which is always the case) and we discussed
the matter of the project. We decided to meet at our house the next day to have
a better understanding of the project and especially to discuss the design of the
table, knowing that Adrian has a very well equipped shop for custom units. He
arrived at our house promptly at the time we decided the previous day. We
walked around the house and showed him the finish carpentry job that was needed,
which by the way went pretty fast since it was a straight forward kind of job,
and in the end we had a look at the possibilities for building the retractable
table in the kitchen. I was pleasantly surprised when he started to ask me
questions about the use of the table which only a professional designer or
architect would do. We discuss the orientation, the amount of people sitting at
the table, where would the kids sit, which side the parents would face (the kitchen,
the living room), how the natural light illuminate the room and
how the people sitting would be affected by it, and so on. He made quite
a few and very helpful suggestions. After we decided the design and assessing
the amount of material and labor needed for the job, he said that will get back
to me the next day with the costs for the job. The next day I had the invoice
and we decided to move forward with the job. Adrian didn’t started right that
week because as he stated in our meeting that he was very busy and he’ll start the
following Monday which was completely fine with me. As soon as he started I
knew that he was the right person for the job, he was efficient, clean and
always asking me if I am pleased with what I see. Another thing to mention is that the table
was being fabricated at the wood shop in the same time and after each phase he
invited me to see the table and ask me if that is exactly what I want. I
appreciate the collaboration very much, and the fact that he is involving the
client in his work. The work was done in
the time specified in the invoice and I will definitely hire him for future
projects. Thank you Adrian for a wonderful job

Review Date: (October 31, 2013)

Workmanship was very good. Work was performed as contracted and done on-time. Since the special offer from Angie’s List allowed for more linear feet of molding than required for the one room, the contractor applied the unused footage to the second room, even though a second room was not part of the original package. All employees of the contractor were professional and courteous. The only issue we had was the contractor promised to show us samples of the various molding options before installation, and he dropped the ball on this one aspect. We rejected the molding his crew brought to the job, but they quickly, and with apologies, arranged to get us the other samples that same day and then rescheduled us for the next day. All was well in the end, and we would use them again.”

Review Date: (November 01, 2013)

It was excellent! The gentleman always arrived on time, completed the pieces on schedule, and did fantastic work for a great price! Furthermore, we are in love with the bench. It fits perfectly with our entryway and is a great storage space for shoes.”

Review Date: (November 06, 2013)

Adrain was great to work with and has such a positive attitude and energy about his work. He also is very generous and when we ran into a section of floor under the carpet that was not hardwood, he replaced it with brand new without charging us more because he understood we were at the top of our budget. This was really above and beyond what most contractors would do! In addition, his partner Matthew who installed the new wood did such a good job you can’t tell where the new wood meets the old. Our house is very old and the wood from 1923. They came on time every day, were great to have in my house, and cleaned up every evening. We have four kids and they were understanding and very nice to the kids too which was appreciated. The project took exactly one week, the time Adrain quoted originally. At the end of the project, I really wanted to add crown molding in the master and Adrain came the last day of the project and installed it at a very low and fair and didn’t seem to mind my last minute addition. Finally, he also repaired some drywall and installed my window treatments for me since he noticed they were not level. I highly recommend Splash Carpentry and will definitely use them again.”

Review Date: (November 06, 2013)

They would not perform the install of the outside patio doors even though the project met the criteria of the coupon. I wouldn’t trust them again. Poor.”

Review Date: (November 07, 2013)

It was a great experience from start to finish. It turned out exactly how we wanted and the price was right on target for what we received. I have included a number of pictures to show the quality of his work. He is not only a skilled carpenter, but a good guy to work with. I found him easy to communicate with, prompt, and willing to do what we needed to get the job done on schedule.
I would use him again without reservation

Review Date: (November 08, 2013)

Adrian was fantastic and I would definitely use him again. He was prompt to our appointments and was very responsive to the tight time frame that we had (we wanted to get this job done before I gave birth!). The guys finished the job in a day and were very professional. The new staircase looks great.”

Review Date: (November 11, 2013)

provided prompt quote and completed the job very quickly.”

Review Date: (November 12, 2013)

Gheorghe Rogojan is a master at his craft. He paid attention to the slightest detail and would not stop until his work was as close to perfection as possible. Here is a craftsman who takes great pride in his work. When the cooktop was too deep to accomodate the drawer under the cooktop, Gheorghe shaved the drawer down to that it fit and still looked perfect. And when we changed how the moldings were applied, Gheorghe accomodated us with a smile.”

Review Date: (November 13, 2013)

Despite our job being small, they were extremely responsive and willing to work with us on every detail. We were able to get a rail in our choice of woods, a custom profile, and a nice oiled finish. The installation was fast and done perfectly with no damage to
They were able to all of this even with a very short project deadline on our end

Review Date: (November 17, 2013)

Adrian and his crew were great to work with start to finish and true craftsmen! Our house is old, 1896, and when we ripped the carpet off the stairs we found holds in the treads, in some cracks we could see the basement. We were unsure if we needed to try patching the treads or replace the stairs. Adrian came to look at the stairs and after many questions on our part and a lot of detailed explaining on his we were definitely sure it was better to replace the whole stair case. We were on a time crunch which Adrian knew, but got on Adrian’s schedule. To our surprise and gratitude he was able to fit us in earlier then planned . The work was done in a timely manor and the men always were sure to clean up after each day.
The main level in the house had two sections with the original floor and one section with floor from a 1990’s addition. Adrian’s flooring crew sanded, filled holes, and stained the floors. Again with our time crunch they fit was in and were done in a timely manor. Friends of ours have commented on how the floors look amazing and can’t believe they are the original floors as well as how cohesive they look.
Working with Adrian was seamless. If a question came up he responded in a very timely manor and the communication lines were open which is very important when you are in a time crunch. His pricing is very competitive. We are planning to hire him this winter for additional work on crown molding in our house

Review Date: (December 12, 2013)

Andrew was prompt in scheduling the appointments for the measure, demonstrating the available options, and the installation. On the day of service he showed up promptly, did the install quickly, and left my home free of any sign that workers had been there, other than the stellar install of course.”

Review Date: (December 15, 2013)

Good job on crown moulding.”

Review Date: (January 02, 2014)

I purchased the installation and painting of crown molding by an Angie’s List Big Deal, services provided by Splash Carpentry. The communication was great and the team was very prompt with agreed upon times. The guys went above and beyond in searching for molding that matched the rest of our house. I was concerned about the installation due to a few factors; the room has an irregular dormer, the walls are mixed plaster and dry wall and nothing is square. The guys did a fantastic job and used a minimal amount of caulk.Furthermore they gave us quotes for other rooms and services. Prices are competitive and fair.”

Review Date: (January 03, 2014)

After contacting several contractors and having 4 come to our house to provide estimates, we decided on Adrian, owner of Splash Carpentry. When Adrian came to our house for the estimate, we were impressed that he showed us a physical sample of the wainscoting and suggested how we could handle some tricky corners, etc. We live downtown in a very narrow town house, so getting the right wainscoting for a rather small area was important.
When providing the estimate, Adrian also advised on adding molding / trim around three doors to compliment the richness of the wainscoting and a detailed / fancy handle rail. In addition to the wainscoting and trim / molding around the doors, the work also consisted of an access door under the staircase and adding paneling to a flat white door. Adrian’s estimate was competitive with the other estimates provided.
I was very impressed with the work that Adrian and his team performed! Adrian was especially meticulously with the wood work, his team sanded the wood properly and cleaned up daily. At one point during the work, I asked for some additional detail to be added under the chair rail. Adrian responded to the request very professionally and came up with a couple suggestions of how this could be achieved. I appreciated his quick response to my request and his ‘can do’ attitude.
In the end, the result of the work that Adrian and his team performed was of superior quality and has added a lot of value to our home. Most importantly it added the ‘wow’ factor I was looking for!! After having 3 other contractors perform work in our house over the last year, I am pleased that I finally found Adrian. I will ONLY use Adrian and his team for future work at my house and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to get custom wood work or wainscoting done in their house

Review Date: (January 05, 2014)

I was more then thrilled by the work Adrian and his team performed. He was always on time, very professional and always on top of things. Pricing was very reasonable for the high quality work that was performed through out the house. They worked fast yet efficient and were very clean. Communication was very simple and not once did i have a issue. This was a great investment and I would most definitely recommend Splash Carpentry and will love to work with them again in the near future.”

Review Date: (January 13, 2014)

Wood was meticulously chosen by George, very particular in what he wanted to work with.”

Review Date: (January 15, 2014)

I’m not extraordinarily pleased with the job. They came out and did it, nice young man cleaned, worked well and everything but there were a couple of seams that were very flaring and obvious. They came out two more times to fix them and there’s still one that’s in the most obvious place in the living room. I don’t like seeing the seam in crown molding. They were supposed to contact me and come back out, they said they were gonna get their different product to fill it and they’ve never contacted me again. I have no problem with the timeliness of the job. My living room exceeded the square footage so I have to pay quite a bit for the extra. I thought the deal was very good, the additional price for the larger molding and the extra footage, I really don’t know enough about it to grade it.
UPDATE: I’ve already written a review, but am updating it here relative to the online response from provider and subsequent email I wrote them again expressing my dissatisfaction. My molding has a couple obvious seams showing. Their first response to this was, I don’t know why that happened. Second was that my wall was exceptionally long (I live in a small ranch home). Now in their online response they claim it’s due to humidity in the home…Yet these seams were obvious from the day they installed the molding. Also in their online response, they said they would contact me. In spite of my calls and notes to them, I was never contacted. I’m very unhappy with the results and the lack of care and responsiveness. I’d never use this firm again nor would I recommend them to anybody

Review Date: (January 31, 2014)

Splash Carpentry did an amazing job with a wainscoting project we undertook in January 2014. After talking with several other companies Adrian was priced just right and was able to give us the look and design we were looking for. He and his team were very clean, punctual and their quality of work exceeded our expectations. We will be using Splash Carpentry again.”

Review Date: (February 03, 2014)

Andrew came out to provide us with an estimate to build a custom fireplace mantel and drywall the section above. We also showed them the ceiling beams we wanted covered in a manner more consistent with the prairie style conversion we were doing to our house. He came up with some very good suggestions. The quotes were reasonable and we told them we would proceed with the fireplace work and if all went well, we’d also have them do the beams.
While they were a little delayed in arriving the day the work was to be done, Andrew did call to let me know they were going to be about an hour late. We had agreed on the general design of the mantel, knowing some detail elements would be finalized once we had it up and could see it in the space. They did nice work and were relatively clean – they were also flexible on experimenting with us on the design elements and we were all happy with the final outcome. (ie. we liked the look and it wasn’t overly intricate for them)
We proceeded with the fascias for the beams the following week and when the original trim design wasn’t looking so good, they gave us overnight to work on another option. The final design we came up with was cleaner and came out great. We are very pleased with the final outcome – it has transformed our family room. Andrew also offered to paint the drywall they installed, which wasn’t part of the original scope – we offered to pay extra, but he was generous and said “it was on them”.
We’ve done a lot of rehabbing over the years (including a second story addition) so we know good contractors when we see them and we would happily use Splash Carpentry again

Review Date: (February 06, 2014)

Better than I could have hoped.They were very acomodating with times to come over and perform the estimate (came at 10 pm on a Friday because of my crazy schedule). They gave a very competitive price. They performed the work 1 week faster than they said they would. The work came out beautifully, and they cleaned everything up.An overall very professional job. Very happy with the results.”

Review Date: (February 14, 2014)

Aiden referred us to his partners at Design 09 LLC. Dylan and Chris were just great! They had the seat completed on time and with all the detail we discussed. The stain color was perfect. We are thrilled! We would call them again in a heartbeat.”

Review Date: (February 19, 2014)

We wish we had the foresight to have purchased the doors and had Splash Carpentry installed it rather than the door installers. As my wife puts it, “George is a gem”. We have a vintage condo and after years of the place settling, only a master carpenter would be able to understand what needs to be done and get it done right. Also, George and crew cleaned up each and every day much to the happiness of my wife who has allergies.
Adrian and George were very professional and prompt. We definitely recommend their service. Thank you Adrian and George

Review Date: (February 25, 2014)

The project took about three weeks, but we were derailed a handful of days because of the extreme weather conditions this winter. Overall, Adrian’s work is just beautiful. The craftsmanship and attention to detail was really fantastic. We look forward to using Adrian again when we’re ready to make upgrades to the rest of our home.”

Review Date: (February 26, 2014)

Prior to purchasing the deal, I tried to contact the listed contact person, Adrian Andercau, on 3/6/13 to ask some questions about how this might work. I never received a response, but I decided to purchase the deal, as our family had outgrown our current dining situation in the kitchen. I purchased the deal on 3/7/13. I contacted Adrian, who asked me to contact his partner, Andrew, as he was busy. On 3/24, Adrian followed up, but I had already scheduled with Andrew to come and measure the space. On 3/26, Andrew was supposed to come, but “forgot”. I called him and he did come over rather promptly at that point. He promised to text me a quote for the breakfast nook. On 3/28, Andrew texted me that the coupon wouldn’t cover the cost and that it would be $360 for the “full day” in addition to the coupon, I had already purchased. He stated it would take 1 day because “we usually work in pairs”. On 4/8, I confirmed his price and asked for the materials cost and drawings he had promised. We traded emails and did the rest of our subsequent correspondence via email. On 4/13, I write and request drawings and materials cost AGAIN. On 4/14, he sends drawings. On 4/23 I ask about air vent we need to be accommodated for in the design and materials cost AGAIN. No response received. On 5/6, my husband emails Andrew again to request the same. No response received. On 5/8, I email again when I still hadn’t received a response. Later that day on 5/8, he responds that he will “get back with me.” On 5/10 he states he “hasn’t looked at my project and that his partner is out of town.” On 5/15, I email again. No response. On 5/20, I email AGAIN. Finally later that day on 5/20, he emails that the project will take 2 days at $950 and $400 for materials for a breakfast nook with no opening lid and $1450 for one with an opening lid and he can’t start till 6/26/13. I respond to him that I am confused as the price difference is HUGE and we had agreed on a much different price ($360 +materials) earlier. On 6/4 he responds that he had to increase the cost because he had recently built a similar bench for someone else and he hadn’t charged enough $ last time. I was really angry. I felt like it wasn’t fair to change the price when we’d already agreed on a price. My husband felt this was a “bait and switch” deal and said he felt we couldn’t trust them. I agreed. On 6/18, My husband emailed Andrew and stated that we couldn’t agree to this massive price change and would not use them. In addition, because of this, we expected our $299 back from the purchase of the Angie’s List deal, as we thought they had changed the agreement for service. No response was ever received from them. As a result, I basically believe them to be a company I would not recommend to anyone and that they are unethical. It took me a long time to write this review because I was pretty angry for awhile and kept hoping they would respond to us. Guess not. Stay away from them, they can’t be trusted. Additionally, due to this experience, we likely will never buy an Angie’s LIst deal again. Too much room for ambiguity in the deal, I think.”

Review Date: (March 02, 2014)
After checking out the Angie’s List reviews and the Splash Carpentry website, I submitted an online request and received a response from the owner, Adrian, the next morning. He came out that weekend to give us an estimate, and we immediately loved his clear passion for his work. Although I had looked at lots of different types of wainscoting designs on Pinterest, his enthusiasm (“I know just what will look great!”) made me know that I could just trust him to work his magic.
He came out the next week to start work, and between installation and painting was done in 3 days. He and his partner were very professional and friendly, cleaned up well after themselves, and most importantly, our kitchen looks amazing. Would definitely recommend Splash Carpentry for wainscoting, and would consider hiring them again in the future for additional carpentry work

Review Date: (March 05, 2014)

Adrian and the team did an amazing job from start to finish. First, Adrian responded within 24 hours of my initial request. We exchanged emails and discussed the project and he was at our house measuring that weekend. Again, he provided an estimate within 24 hours. We discussed timing and he began work as promised. The project was also completed on time. Our house is old and there are many imperfections. Adrian asked if we would mind if he fixed our doors so they closed properly, which was not part of the scope, but bothered him. They cleaned up every night before leaving and kept the dust to a minimum throughout the process, which meant a lot to us as we have a 4 year old who tends not to listen when told not to touch things. Splash is a family business that clearly cares about their customers and the quality of the work they provide. We have a lot more woodwork to replace in our home and we will definitely be using Splash again. They are also licensed general contractors, and we would not hesitate to invite them to bid on larger projects. Use them, they’re great and you will get more than you pay for.”

Review Date: (March 06, 2014)

1) Dylan was FANTASTIC to deal with. Super responsive, full of great ideas. I only knew generally what I wanted and he built (and first sent sketches) of exactly what I wanted.
2) I had mixed experiences on the picture framing. The team that did my first 2 floors was very nice but I had to ask them to re-do a huge chunk of it because it wasn’t straight. They didn’t give me a hard time, but I was annoyed I had to show carpenters that when one side was 2 inches above the baseboard and the other was 2.5, it looked bad. That being said, they did fix it with no hassle. Also, the price was right so I had the next project done:
3) I then decided to expand the picture framing to my 2nd floor stairs and 3rd floor (so obviously the first 2 floors were fine after being fixed). FANTASTIC. I had Sorin and another guy (whose name I am forgetting) who was fantastic, detail oriented and just a pleasure to work with. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
4) Dylan built my built in. I love it and get compliments all the time. My only disappointment is I paid extra to have it painted, and at the end of the day that finish looked cheap. My fault – I should’ve asked for a sample of the painted wood. I had my painter re-paint and it looks awesome. Quality of construction is fantastic. I can’t speak highly enough about Dylan and how much he stands behind his work!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Review Date: (March 17, 2014)

We worked with both Adrian and Matt. They were both very professional and helped us shape the course of the work. In particular, Matt’s craftsmanship in repairing the decorative finials on our staircase was amazing; it’s hard to tell that the repaired portions are not part of the original pieces. Matt came out to our house additional times to ensure that the work was completed to both of our satisfactions. Their price was fair and competitive. My only (minor) complaint was that Matt generally did not clean up thoroughly, but with a few swipes of the dustpan, the job was done.”

Review Date: (March 19, 2014)

Great!!! He had to drive over 3 hours and I gave him the option to opt out and he wouldn’t hear of it! He was on time and brought.”

Review Date: (March 20, 2014)

Great job! Very professional. Repaired wooden door that has been unable to lock for a long time. Made everything look easy.”

Review Date: (March 22, 2014)

Adrian was great to work with. He kept his promises, showed up on time and did quality work. He’s a real pro.”

Review Date: (March 26, 2014)

Tried to have them come out to get an estimate for a gutted house I was about to purchase. I wanted to make sure the project was within my budget (like any normal person would do although my budget is pretty high). We have every intention on buying the house and have even put an offer (we are the only offer) but are contingent on the cost of renovation. He told me it was a “strange” request and a “waste of his time” to give an estimate for something he might not even do and was a waste of his day if he wasn’t making money. He was EXTREMELY RUDE!!!!! I would not give him a penny after a comment like that! I’m sorry you wouldn’t have made money on me that day but it would have been a big project for him if he would have stopped and listened prior to opening his rude mouth. What is wrong with people nowadays? When did America become so impolite and disrespectful? This company is rude and money hungry and I would not recommend them to anyone!!!!!

I would have gladly paid for the contractors time, however, he did not give me that option!. Further, he clearly does not respect women, and it shows in his response. My gender should be of no consequence to this person, nor should it be in the review. My review was an honest reflection of the experience, and this contractor, clearly a sexist, irrational person claims I am trying to take advantage of him. Further, the house was already contracted, and we have found someone else to do the work; someone who did not care about my gender, someone who is not a sexist!

Finally, in our email exchanges, this contractor was condescending, and I would ask anyone looking for a contractor to take their time, and read this review so that they are not victimized by this sexist contractor. I have the emails, and they would shock you.”

Review Date: (March 27, 2014)

Adrian and his crew did a wonderful job on our home. They installed new baseboards, new railing and new overall look of our staircase. When we had other workers in our home that caused damage to our railing, Adrian came out both times free of charge and fixed the problems. Not many people would do that! I definitely recommend splash carpentry.”

Review Date: (March 31, 2014)

Adrian did an excellent job. It was difficult to find a place in the cold weather to set up his saws, sanders, wood, etc. He moved furniture and rugs, laid down paper to protect the floor and encased everything in plastic wrap to keep down dust. He was meticulous about vacuuming every day and cleaning away debris. He was considerate to our comings and going and our wish to have the job finished quickly to minimize the disruption.
The stairs are absolutely beautiful. Very well fitted and finished. We had several turns in the stairs which we challenging to fit and he and his workmen did a beautiful job. He was consistently prompt and arrived when scheduled and communicated his progress on the job to us very well. I very highly recommend him. When I have other carpentry work in the future, I plan to use his services

Review Date: (April 02, 2014)

I was very happy with our service. First time user of Angie’s List, wished I would have joined sooner. I will use this service and Angie’s list again.”

Review Date: (April 10, 2014)

We bought the 3-hour deal from Splash Carpentry. Adrian did an excellent job of removing old closet doors and hardware and putting in the new doors. He ran into a few snags with our house being old and not level and the doors being a bit too long. (We had bought the material ahead of time.) He had to cut part of the bottom of the doors off, and since they were hollow, make new bottoms. On top of that, when he opened the packages of sliding hardware, there were important pieces missing! Adrian was willing to buy the pieces when he was at the store the following weekend and come back one evening to finish the doors–all for the 3-hour deal price! He is extremely conscientious, came on time, and left everything perfectly clean. His workmanship is excellent. We are now asking him to quote on a new deck. We were extremely pleased overall.”

Review Date: (April 12, 2014)

Adrian arrived punctually and set right to work. He did all the sawing and gluing outside to minimize the mess in the house. He worked efficiently and competently, and the handrail was up in practically no time! I would definitely call upon Adrian’s services again.”

Review Date: (April 14, 2014)

The gentleman I have been trying to coordiate with does not speak English very well. Communication has been very difficult. He left without making any kind of plans to follow up with me in regards to the project.”

Review Date: (April 15, 2014)

I bought the $139 deal. Splash sent me an e-mail right away to respond with the picttures of the work required so they can be prepared. The person showed up for assessment in a couple of days. They estimated the work and let me know that it would cost an extra $160 since the work would last for more than 3 hours.
The work was scheduled next Monday and was completed on time ans as per the estimated cost. I am satisfied with the quality and punctuality of the work

Review Date: (April 16, 2014)

George installed a exterior door with frame where I had a door that was slightly smaller. He is very nice and knows carpentry. He took his time and did it right. Very Pleased.”

Review Date: (April 17, 2014)

I bought a coupon. They took my money and then would not schedule the service.”

Review Date: (April 20, 2014)

They sent a guy to “survey” the work. He was rude on the phone and when he got to my house, he was abrupt and not friendly at all. I showed him the minor plumbing job and backsplash tiling I needed done among other things like electric switches, painting, etc. I got a note from the company that stated “we wont do any plumbing work; we are not licensed and insured for it; 2. the tiles cannot be installed and the grout applied the same day; If you skip the plumbing and the grout, the work can be completed in approx. 10 hours.” So I sent a note stating that they advertised doing plumbing and that was the number one thing I needed repaired. I also stated that I did not feel comfortable having the guy they sent back at my house. Their response was “I think it is better if you contact Angie’s List and ask for a refund. I don’t feel comfortable working for people that are not comfortable with my guys that I hand picked and trained.” Since they did not do the work and I experience a bad customer service experience, I would like to be refunded. I can’t believe they are an A rated firm.”

Review Date: (April 22, 2014)

I want to provide an update:
Response from Splash Carpentry on Apr 23, 2014:This review is a little bit surprising and it is the first bad one for work that we actually performed. We completed the project 6 months ago, the customer was happy, she paid us in full and there were no complaints. However, regardless if she is going to revise her review , we will contact her and inspect the work if she allows. I have a lot of experience with woodworking and my guess is that after a winter like we had and without a good humidifier in the house, some doors might be warped and some others might need to be adjusted again.

I called and emailed the company after I saw this post and to this day they have not responded.”

Review Date: (April 22, 2014)

It went well! They were on time and did great work — excellent value! I had them frame a door and a wall, and I’m very happy with the end result. It did take some effort, however, to get them to initially respond and set a date. They also were a bit slow with responding to emails. But again, after they came out, their work speaks for itself.”

Review Date: (April 24, 2014)

Splash Carpentry performed an amazing job in my house. I was more then satisfied from the work, dedication, and communication that was performed throughout the job. It couldn’t have gone any smoother. I used Splash Carpentry before for my upstairs where i left a review on that as well. Splash Carpentry basically remodeled my whole house top to bottom. I will be contacting them again for the 3rd time in the near future for a possible bar set up in my basement area. I’m very excited about the bar idea just because i know how good Adrian and his team will perform and can’t wait to see the results when he’s finished. Stay tuned for my next review as i will be 100% back with future plans for Splash Carpentry. I really recommend the whole team at Splash and who ever wants honest and great work done will not be disappointed one bit.”

Review Date: (April 26, 2014)

Professional and very skilled. Could not be happier and plan to use them again. Cannot recommend them highly enough. Very happy.”

Review Date: (April 28, 2014)

Did a lot of drywall work and molding installation. A few areas needed to be resanded. Also, some floor molding was not properly.”

Review Date: (April 29, 2014)

I was very pleased with the work that Oliver and George did. I had a closet that had been put into a corner of a room and wanted it removed and a TV wall mounted. Oliver did a great job and finished the area so that it did not look like the closet had been tore out.
I also had scheduled to have picture railing hung in my living and dining rooms. I purchased the picture railing and George hung it to the brick and other walls. They did a great job and dealt with any problems quickly and professionally.
I have found with many of the deals to make sure the price estimated includes or excludes materials

Review Date: (May 03, 2014)

Our home is a tall Victorian and he said he was unable to use regular equiptment to repair the fascia. It would cost 1800.00. That is not something we want to pay. We were able to find someone local to do this for 200.00. They were very nice however and very professional.”

Review Date: (May 04, 2014)

Beautiful work as always. Very careful, very clean. They don’t leave a mess, they come on time. I’ve used Splash Carpentry before and will use them again.

They’ve built shelves, redid my stairs, painted. I’ve been extremely pleased with their work and can highly recommend them. Nothing slap-dash or sloppy about their work. They take the time to do it right so it doesn’t come cheap but I’d rather pay for quality work. They are very considerate with scheduling and always, always seem to do what they say they will do. Very trustworthy.”

Review Date: (May 05, 2014)

This was our first experience with Angie’s List and we are very happy with everything. We purchased the $139.00 special for 3 hours of carpentry from Splash Carpentry. They were quick to reach out to me and kept a great line of communication open during the entire process. George called my cell phone prior to his arrival on Saturday to make sure we were home. He was there right at 8:00 am – on the dot.
My husband and I ripped out our carpet and replaced it with laminate flooring but needed someone to complete the room with the shoe at the baseboards to give it that “finished” look. We had already measured and cut the pieces beforehand so they just needed to be nailed in. Unfortunately the shoe was too small on one side of the room because we didn’t cut the flooring correctly. After my husband ran to Home Depot, Lowes & Crafty Beaver a couple times George was able to fix the problem and it looked great!!! He also did the “lip” that is at the first step when going downstairs as well as the living room leading into the powder room. Watching George measure, cut, sand, carve pieces to make them fit properly, I knew we had the right person for the job.
It all looks wonderful and will definitely go back to them for additional work around the house. It took a little bit of time to get scheduled and cost more than my “coupon” but it was well worth it and we’re very happy with the end result. Thank you for a great experience

Review Date: (May 08, 2014)

Contacted Splash Carpentry and Adrian responded that night. Prior to construction Adrian was always on time for our scheduled meetings and answered any questions about the project the same day. When work started Adrian and his team were always prompt. We are so happy with the finished product we wish we could give them an A-plus. We definitely will be using Adrian and his team again in the near future.”

Review Date: (May 10, 2014)

I bought the deal, and needed the service completed this week. Unfortunately, they were unavailable and we needed to contract someone else to complete the work. No one’s fault, just a scheduling conflict and it didn’t work out.”

Review Date: (May 14, 2014)

Originally, I was simply purchasing iron spindles for my staircase. Adrain was prompt in returning my call and setting an appointment. Once he was in my home, I had him look at the staircase, and I explained my goal. He told me that not only could he do it, but that it would be less expensive than if I tried to do it myself. He was right! His workmanship is truly second to none. He was always punctual, always fair, and truly cares about the work he does. I have a wish list going for projects for him to do for me! I would absolutely recommend him (and have)!”

Review Date: (May 19, 2014)
George is a craftsman. He did an excellent job with fixing our shed, as well as repair of our fence. Good quality work.”

Review Date: (May 22, 2014)

They reused the major piece from the previous Cinderella staircase railing and stained it to match all the new railing. Everything looks fantastic.”

Review Date: (May 29, 2014)
Gheorghe arrived at around 12:30 on May 28th. He setup all his equipment in the driveway – it seemed as though he had an entire workshop in his van. Because he wanted the garage doors left open to allow him to go in and out constantly as he measured and cut the wood to the exact sizes, I had to lock our 2 cats in one of the bedrooms on both days.
He went to work removing all the old trim etc. and installing most of the new stuff. By the time he left at around 6:30 PM, the only 2 tasks left to do were installing the cabinet trim and all the baseboard and associated quarter-round. During this first day, he also clamped and glued the two lengths of maple wood that would be installed as the cabinet trim. If I understood correctly, he was also going to do a similar assembly job at home that evening.
The next day, Gheorghe arrived at about 08:30 AM and left around 11:30 AM, after finishing the last tasks.
I thought that his work was great, especially the maple trim on the cabinets. Also he cleaned up thoroughly on both days before leaving – I only had to clean up a little – small chips of wood in the driveway and some sawdust in the garage.
I would use this company (Andy and Gheorghe?) again but would understand that they quote a fixed price not (apparently) based on an hourly rate

Review Date: (June 01, 2014)

This was our second time using Adrian and his crew to install an staircase railing and it went incredible. He is a great craftsman and is always willing to go the extra steps to make sure the customer is happy. Any problems or changes that we experienced were taken care of right away and without issue. His work is second to none in terms of quality vs cost. I would not hesitate to use him again and can recommend him without reservation.”

Review Date: (June 02, 2014)

The project went great!
They were prompt, polite and did a fabulous job!
I highly recommend them !
Leslie R

Review Date: (June 04, 2014)

I dealt with Chris at Splash Carpentry. Chris scheduled a visit to provide an estimate for our deck repairs. He was polite, professional, and on time. The estimate for the repairs was very competitive and the repairs were made promptly the following week. His work is excellent and I will definitely use them again in the future. I highly recommend!”

Review Date: (June 07, 2014)

As stated, 2 Calls w/voicemail & 1 email. No reply to either after 8 days…Disappointing.”

Review Date: (June 08, 2014)

we did not use the coupon, and got our $ back.”

Review Date: (June 09, 2014)

The estimation and work were all provided by John, he is hard working, reasonable, and will to listen to our requirement. He got the work done within 2 weeks, despite the bad weather.
Besides the work we agreed upon, he also help fixed the fundation for one of the stairs, and put trims around the house, which I really appreciate.
Result was great, and we can’t expect more. Will use him again for similar projects in the future

Review Date: (June 12, 2014)

This contractor was not hired because he required a payment of $100 to do an estimate.”

Review Date: (June 16, 2014)

Andrew from Splash Carpentry was able to come out on a Saturday morning to check out the scope of work. An estimate was provided a few days later. We were able to schedule the work about a week after I decided to move forward. Work began on Thursday morning — the crew of 3 lead by Andrew was very professional, courteous, and hard working. After the first day, the landing structure was built and concrete stair base was poured. They came back to finish the job on Friday morning and were finished in the early afternoon, completing the assembly of the steps and handrails. The end result was exactly what we were looking for in the project. They stood behind the work, ensuring that it was built to code and structurally sound. Would hire again and recommend to others.”

Review Date: (June 27, 2014)

It went bad. This company uses the Angie’s list coupon offer system to bring in new business & not provide any real value.

After the initial purchase, we spend several days communicating with Splash Carpeting. They gave us an overall price, however, did not want to provide a more detailed cost break down for their work. They stated that it would take them 3 to 4 hours to write this up & wanted to charge for this service.

We do not partner with any business that is not transparent with their work. Hence we decided to return the coupon & not proceed forward with them.

If you decide to do business with this company, do it at your own risk.

Thank you


Here is our “full disclosure” (not a out of context cut out) of the correspondence with Splash Carpentry – (Furthermore, we do not see any humor in a fraudulent & dishonest business, obviously they do, this is how they make their money !!!)

Splash Carpentry
5/12/2014 – Good morning, please send me a few details and pictures to my email address [Email address removed] so we can prepare for the work.

[Member Name removed]
5/13/2014 – just sent a few pictures.I need to have you build a fence gate on one side of my house & either repair or build the other one, on the other side.

[Member Name removed]
5/14/2014 – Please call me so we can discuss the details… Phone # erased.

Splash Carpentry
5/14/2014 – all the communication regarding coupons will take place here, on the Angie’s List message center. We are working on a price for your project based on the pictures you sent us. I will get back to you soon.

Splash Carpentry
5/14/2014 – I would make two new sections. The total cost including materials will be $1,480. The coupon would be deducted from this amount.

[Member Name removed]
5/14/2014 – Thanks for the estimate. Can you detail out this cost – How many hours will this work take ? How much material is needed ? What is the material cost ?

Splash Carpentry
5/14/2014 – 2 carpenters for two days minimum, materials around $400

[Member Name removed]
5/14/2014 – We are talking about roughly 18 feet of space between both of the fences. ( roughly 8 feet on one side and 10 feet on the other ). Can you detail out the work that you would be providing and how long each step will take hour by hour?

Splash Carpentry
5/14/2014 – You want me to spend 2 or 3 hours writting details about a 2 days job? Sure, no problem. It will cost $150 .

[Member Name removed]
5/14/2014 – Not sure why it would take 2 to 3 hours to write this up. You obviously do not want our business.

Splash Carpentry
5/15/2014 – That is correct: people who ask me to describe my work hour by hour are not exactly the customers I am looking for.

[Member name removed]
5/15/2014 – Fine by me. We will not deal with a company that can not provide an honest breakdown for their services.

Splash Carpentry
5/15/2014 – I can provide you an honest brakedown for our services, as detailed as you want. The problem is that I will charge $150 for it.

[Member Name removed]
5/15/2014 – Honest and transparent business providers do not charge for such information. We already determined that we will not do business together. Feel free to not reply to this email..”

Review Date: (July 02, 2014)

Doesn’t perform carpentry services for wood floors.”

Review Date: (July 08, 2014)

Overall, our experience was very good. We purchased the $249 Big Deal for 6 hours of labor. John (Ion) visited us to provide an estimate of what he could complete in 6 hours and even courteously visited us again at our request to review some details. He was extremely knowledgeable and patient with us. However, I doubted he could complete all the work he thought he could in 6 hours time, including installing two new door slabs (not pre-hung) with knobs/deadbolts, priming one door, boring/installing a new deadbolt lock on a third door in addition to replacing the door knob, and replacing a door knob and deadbolt on a fourth door. Consequently, I confirmed with John that his hourly rate past the 6th hour would be $40/hour, so that I could estimate what a few extra hours of work would cost. We scheduled an appointment about 2 weeks out, but John called the morning of our appointment to inquire about rescheduling so that he could accommodate an important ($3000) client/project that day. So we rescheduled for the following week. As it turned out, John could not finish all the items he thought he could in the 6 hours, and it took him 10 hours (8:30 am to 6:30 pm with a 15 minute lunch break) to partially complete the work he thought he could finish in 6 hours (again, he basically installed two door slabs with locks- no priming/painting/caulking). Besides the timing factor, I rated Splash a B because I communicated with John prior to the project to ensure I had purchased all the necessary materials, but I still needed to leave during the project to buy weatherstripping and a door sweep (which he didn’t install). Finally, in reviewing John’s work after he left, I noticed that some hinges on the interior door he installed only had 1-2 screws holding it to the wall. I’m not sure if this was done intentionally, but it seems strange and I would have liked this explained to me if this was the case. Since John had a 5:00 pm appointment that he was late for, I’m guessing it was an oversight on his part. However, we’re pleased overall and would use Splash again.”

Review Date: (July 10, 2014)

I didn’t like the quote they sent me; I didn’t like the work that they were going to do so I found someone else to do the work for cheaper. I didn’t like the proposal as it was not the type of deck that I wanted.”

Review Date: (July 20, 2014)

Adrian was very professional and easy to work with. He went above and beyond to make sure we loved our new space. He had such attention to detail and communicated along the way to make sure the house was cohesive and looked it’s best. He sent pictures and kept us updated along the way, seeing as we were 3 hours away. Everyone who has walked into our home since Adrian did his work, has thought it was new construction. He did a great job, in a short amount of time and we couldn’t be happier. We are already planning other projects for him and his crew to do for us.”

Review Date: (July 20, 2014)

hat more can I say about Adrian and his crew. They are incredible. The railing that he added is perfect and was tricky to install due to the multi levels of the wall. I am not sure how they did it, but it looks great and meets the requirements for the building inspector. He squeezed our project in to his schedule with very short notice. I could go on and on about these guys, but the thing I like the best about them is that as good as their work is, their customer service is better. They are one service provider that I am happy to recommend.”

Review Date: (July 25, 2014)

When we first spoke I said anytime June 24th or after and they said okay. So, we set it up for June 24th. I needed some wood work trimmed around the fridge which was exactly 36″ wide. June 24th the guy came out and looked at it and said the best way to do this would be to pop off woodwork and cut it in his shop. He took the paneling so they could match the stain and talked to guy at the shop. They didn’t come back or call. I tried to contact him and got no response. So I contacted Adrian at the office and told him the story. I informed him I wanted it taken care of this week. Adrian responded back to me that they don’t work in the city and they took the panel to throw it away as a favor to me. He said if I couldn’t wait a couple weeks, then I needed to contact Angie’s List for a refund. He said don’t contact us again, your email would go to spam and I will ignore your calls. I said I just wanted my paneling back and they said they would give the paneling back, so I picked a day and they never given it back. I would really just like to have my paneling back.”

Review Date: (July 29, 2014)

Dylan delivered and installed built-in approximately 6 weeks later than promised. He was apologetic and offered a discount as a result. The biggest problem is the finished product. The finish is awful. When the unit was being installed, we expressed our concerns over the finish to which Dylan responded that we should talk to his counterpart because he did the finishing. Not a professional response and the response from his counterpart helping with the install wasn’t any better. They claimed to have used four coats of lacquer but there is no way. The finish is very uneven. In addition, the molding that was used across the top is sloppy. It is 2 pieces and wood does not blend. One piece is darker than other. You can also see putty spots. Dylan suggested we let unit sit for a few weeks to see if it was perhaps shadows on wood. We have reached out to him several times now to replace molding as he said he would and to have something done about the finish. We have been pushed off- he has said molding that he ordered wasn’t right and needed to be reordered. We have heard nothing since and our most recent follow ups have gone unanswered. This needs to be resolved. We paid to have finished product and that is not what is sitting in our family room. We are extremely disappointed.”

Review Date: (August 04, 2014)
I think they will do amazing work, they just need to be more organized schedule wise.”

Review Date: (August 05, 2014)

They did a nice job. Only issue was an electrical line (unknown to anyone running through the middle of the area), so they had to come back to finish the job. They were friendly and did a nice job.”

Review Date: (August 07, 2014)
I can’t say enough good things about Adrian and Splash carpentry. Adrian was a pleasure to work with. He was incredibly knowledgable and handled my order swiftly. Not only did he answer all my questions, but the newels arrived on time and in perfect condition. Everything was exactly to spec and very well made. Tough, sturdy, and well put together. The house is undergoing a renovation, but Adrian came through ahead of schedule and helped move the project along. I will always use Splash in the future for my carpentry needs. I am happy to answer questions or provide more photos from my job. Jg0975a(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)american.edu. http://i1110.photobucket.com/albums/h454/thegreatgalling/7397AB24-273D-4B20-95D7-98F1E47ED513_zpsxkv7muni.jpg http://i1110.photobucket.com/albums/h454/thegreatgalling/2617F98B-BCEC-4A78-9AF9-D8EFFEFDEF1F_zpsdvbo8ccm.jpg.”

Review Date: (August 08, 2014)

The carpenter was prompt and friendly – he was the owner’s uncle, George. Nice guy and despite his limited english, we seemed to communicate well. This was my first dealing with a carpenter working in my home so I expected much more than what I got.
I should have been more conscientious. I had purchase 6 hours of carpentry and knew my job(s) would take more, but George never told me how much more. He just kept pointing out things to fix and then asking me if he should do it. Since I had him there already, I approved more than I should have.
The first thing he did was replace the top railing on my deck. He took some design liberties and replaced a 1 x 6 board with a 2x 6 board, claiming that it would be less likely to warp. He also took the extra step of routing/rounding the corners, which looks fine, but is NOT what was originally there. This should have been a red flag…
He did a nice job on the interior hardwood stair re-cover and even warned me to prevent any dirt from getting on it before I stained/sealed it because the dirt would NOT come out. Again, though, with NO eye for design, he didn’t ask – he just went ahead and installed a trim that absolutely did NOT match anything else in my contemporary house! I ended up tearing the trim out… it just looked bad. It is ironic, because the existing trim around the base of the stairs and adjacent walls is a simple 1×2 piece of wood. He even installed a piece of this trim where it was missing along a nearby wall.
On to the outside jobs. Rotted wood is a tricky repair, because once you uncover the problem, there may be more than meets the eye. In my case, there was a LOT more. George pointed this out and I agreed for him to completely tear down my stair and landing and rebuild it. I might add that though the house was build in 1905, it has undergone multiple renovations, the most recent of which was 15-18 years ago. All the outdoor work is from this era. Here, is where George’s work fell apart… He, once again, took liberties and, blaming the uneven placement of the original support posts, built a completely crooked landing! I am sorry, but the original was NOT crooked. The boards and side railing were square! It seems he did not pay attention to the original and just built how he thought it should be. He was particularly messy on stair and riser width and on finishing corners where two pieces of trim were supposed to meet. Instead of fitting things together uniformly and in a straight line, he cobbled together bits and pieces that looked like a jigsaw puzzle. The first place I noticed this uneven finishing was on an end cap. I pointed it out and, at first, he said he did not have the material to redo it. I found the material and he re-did that corner. Unfortunately, it was not the last one I found.
His work started on a Wednesday and I expected him to be done on Thursday. He did not finish until Saturday and I felt very rushed to get him out because I was leaving town that same day. I paid him for the work and he cleaned up and left.
When I got home a week later, I found more and more design “flaws” that I have gone to the arduous task of fixing myself. I do not trust Splash carpentry and do not want to pay someone else to do it.
Like I said, George was a nice guy – he did well on most of his repairs and I feel what he built was SOLID and will not fall apart soon. His work here was sloppy and crooked, though.
Lesson learned

Review Date: (August 09, 2014)

I purchased 6 hours of carpentry services for $199. When I tried to schedule the services, I had a list of things that I wanted completed. Adrian sent a carpenter by the name of George to my house to scope out the job. I had a broken closet door in the basement and another one in my boys’ bedroom. He looked at the doors and criticized all the doors in my house – saying they all needed to be cut down from the bottom. I asked him how long he thought that job would take, and he said he didn’t know. I asked him when he could come and do the work, and he said he didn’t know – he would call me. I had also purchased a Kobalt garage system from Lowes. I wanted the strips to be installed in the garage – pretty simple job. We already have a bunch of those strips in the garage for garage cabinets that my husband installed himself with little experience.
In any case, I showed George everything I wanted done and asked for a time estimate, which he didn’t give me. He said he wanted to take off all the closet doors (even the ones that weren’t broken) and fix them. I asked him how long that would take, but he didn’t give me a number. I emailed Adrian and he said the entire job would take 20 hours. I told him that was out of my budget at this time, and I’d like to stick as close to the original 6 hours as possible, going 1-2 hours over to finish the job if necessary. I asked him for a quote on just the 2 broken doors, the Kobalt garage panels, and removal of a white board with minor wall repair in my bonus room. He said he couldn’t give me a time estimate and the best thing would be to have George get started on the work. I had already been trying to schedule this for weeks, and had altered my schedule to meet with George and try and get this scheduled. I said ok, and asked if August 12th was available. Adrian said that should be fine, and asked me to send him a reminder on the 9th of August. I emailed him on the 8th ton confirm. He wrote back saying that he didn’t want to do the job anymore because I rejected the initial bid for 20 hours of work and I should request a refund from Angies List. I’m glad that he isn’t doing the job, because they have been completely unprofessional about getting this work scheduled and done. I asked for quotes repeatedly and requested time estimates on the work I wanted done. I had even sent Adrian and prioritized list with the work that I wanted done, so that he could focus on them in the correct order. I understood that George may not be able to complete all the tasks, but they weren’t sharing any details on how long the project would take.
It was Adrian who suggested I have George come over and start on the work and see what he could get done in the 6 hours. I was hesitant, but ok with it trusting that they would be fair and honest. It shouldn’t be that difficult for a carpenter to give an estimate on the work. I wouldn’t recommend using them – and if you do treat carefully and be upfront in your communications. In the process of looking at the Kobalt strips, George ripped open the packaging as well – if I had decided to return the items, I probably wouldn’t be able to

Review Date: (August 14, 2014)

Hired them to fix wood rot under sliding glass door and around windows, as well a to fix a broken door frame. Specifically stated that the area of wood rot under the sliding glass door was the #1 priority & specifically said we would pay them extra to come over before the project to assess what needed to be done and to calculate if extra hours would be needed in addition to what had been purchased through the deal. They declined my offer to pay extra for the assessment, and they came out before the day of service and we discussed what needed to be done & additional charges/material that would be needed to complete it. |On the day of service, they did not do the job we had identified as the #1 priority, even though we had discussed it before hand and we had said we would pay extra for whatever needed to be done. They said there was no hole in the wood where the wood rot was under the sliding glass door (the original #1 concern & reason for hiring them) when we could clearly see there was one. They gave me a receipt for the supplies they purchased for the project, but wouldn’t give me a receipt for the whole job. |Discussed it afterward, but they said they had done all they could with the time they had (which made no sense because they had whatever time they needed to complete the job correctly – since we said we would pay them for whatever work needed to be done). |So of course we’ve had to hire someone else to do the job. |Gave the C grade on this job only because the work that they did complete was done well, just very disappointed with what wasn’t done, and the overall interaction.”

Review Date: (August 18, 2014)

Adrian and his Team were TOP NOTCH! I have never had a contractor so in tune with communications as he has been. We are 95% complete (Sand & Stain remaining) & am so impressed I cannot say enough! We have had A LOT of recent work done to our home & this by far was the best. Not only was his communication the best I have dealt with, his workmanship is second to none. He did the job as he wanted it to look in his house, all along communicating with me what was next & why. NO CORNERS were cut, it was done the RIGHT WAY! A breath of fresh air in the business of General Contractors. We will be keeping Splash busy when our NEW kitchen is ready in 2-3 years from now!”

Review Date: (August 22, 2014)

I bought a Splash Carpentry Deal for $299 for a general contractor for the day. They responded immediately by messaging me and asked me to contact one of their teams, Andrew and Dennis. We had doe difficulty getting the estimate done and getting the date on the calendar. On the day of the install, Dennis showed up on time and I felt comfortable leaving him to get things started and I left for work. Andrew came after I left. They were able to install the ceiling fan in the bedroom and the light fixture in the living room with minimal damage tot he drywall on the ceilings and the walls. They patched up the drywall (and another drywall issue I had from a bathroom fan install). The left in the late afternoon and said they would come back the following Monday to do a little more drywall sanding. They showed up Monday on time. They cleaned up very well after themselves both days. I’ve hired them to do another project. I’d recommend them very highly.”

Review Date: (August 22, 2014)

I purchased a $199 deal for 6 Hours of Home Repair or Remodeling. The service went well. I paid an additional fee for some other work we needed done.”

Review Date: (August 28, 2014)

Took forever to answer inquiries – twice. Didn’t show up when scheduled and blamed me, sarcastically telling me I needed a personal secretary. Incredibly derogatory in communications with me. When I finally cancelled the service the employee said “Ok, no big deal” after I had spent 1.5 hours cleaning out my storage locker to prepare for them to do the work. Below is the last email they sent me: | |”Hi JOANNA, |read carefully Lady: 1. I asked you in writting not to buy a coupon before someone inspects the jobsite; you still did; 2. he called you and left a message, you did not call back for weeks claiming you did not write down his number; 3. the coupon is scheduled for tomorrow, it is not our business to organize your life, if you need a personal assistant, hire one; 4. once you called my partner a jerk then you expect apologies, you clearly have a problem; 5. when you act like this and you call yourself a customer, you are wrong; 6. it does not matter what you heard in the backround because it is not your business but just for your knowledge: we are at the shop working for a complete different people than you; 7. next time you lose it, go on Angie’s List at the healthcare section and look there for help; 8. as soon as you hit us with a bad review, which I really hope you will, I will copy/paste this conversation and use it to respond, the only satisfaction you will get is that stupidity is also kept anonymous by Angie’s List; 9. call Angie’s List, tell them you lost it and ask for a refund because we will not honor this coupon . 10. try to enjoy life lady |Thanks, |Splash Carpentry.”

Review Date: (August 28, 2014)

I bought a special deal from Angie’s List for 8 hours of carpentry for $299 and definitely got my money’s worth for a small carpentry job. Though there was some confusion about the start date (hence a low grade on responsiveness), the work was very nicely done. It involved repairing studs and drywall in 3 places in my basement where plumbing and foundation work were done. They did most of the repair in the morning and returned late in the afternoon for the final touches on the drywall. The areas they repaired looked like new except for needing a coat of paint. Nicely done. I would call them again.”

Review Date: (August 30, 2014)

I can’t say enough good things about Adrian and Splash Carpentry. A true craftsman and a real professional from day 1.

I contacted Splash Carpentry to install wainscoting in a dining room. Adrian was very responsive and quickly set up an appointment. When he arrived he gave a rundown of my options and some photos of his work so we can make some choices of what we wanted the end product to look like. We made our choices and he quickly scheduled the job and gave me a schedule of how long the job would take.

Adrian and his crew came in as scheduled and quickly completed the job. We were having our floors refinished so he offered to come back when that was done to install the shoe molding – a really helpful accommodation. Once the floors were finished he returned to install the base shoes and paint. The final product was incredible – very we’ll done. The room looks great and the wainscoting looks like it came worth the house. He also installed some other shoe molding I needed installed in another part of the house in the middle of the job.

If you’re looking for someone to do some custom woodworking for you for a reasonable price, this is your guy! You won’t be disappointed.”

Review Date: (September 08, 2014)

It went exceptionally well. The stairway and hall are just beautiful now and we could not be happier. From the very beginning when Adrian met with us to discuss our plans (and offered expert suggestions and opened our eyes to other options), through the completion of the renovation, Adrian and his crew were very easy to work with and communicate with. In our observation, we would describe the crew that worked in our home as hard working, highly skilled, detail oriented, committed and conscientious. Clearly Adrian’s work ethic is shared by his crew. They took a lot of pride in their work.

Let’s face it, no one is ever excited about disrupting their everyday routine to rip up part of their home for a week. We dreaded that part of it. At the end of each workday, the work area was cleaned up, vacuumed, tools put away and out of the way. Honestly, I feel they tried to make the experience the least disruptive as possible. We very much appreciated this.

We plan to have doors/jambs/trim/baseboards replaced in our home and we will not hesitate to call Adrian.”

Review Date: (September 29, 2014)

It went very badly. I contacted Splash because of the rave reviews on Angie’s List. The owner, Adrian had very good reviews. Unfortunately, Adrian was only available by email. He had a fellow named Roman contact me. Roman came to see the work. We discussed the extent of the job. I suggested he bring some additional wood in case the problem was more extensive than what was visible. The problem was some rotted wood on my front stairs. I also wanted some vintage baseboards installed in a bathroom and hallway. I was hoping to hire a “finish carpenter” for a quality job. Adrian quoted the work at $500.00 which I thought was a fair price. Roman scheduled the job with me. He was supposed to arrive by 9 a.m. on Sunday. He did not arrive until 10 a.m. He removed the existing handrails and spindles on both sides of the stairs. Unfortunately the rot was more extensive; but he had not brought a table saw or additional wood. We discussed that he would come back prepared to do the additional work which we agreed would include posts and 4 treads. He even took pictures of the posts and treads and measured them. Then he asked to see the baseboards again. I had showed him the baseboards on his first visit. Now he said that they were in need of “custom” work because 24 linear feet (out of 31 linear feet) would have to be trimmed down about 1/2 inch from the bottom. In each case (for the posts, treads and baseboards) I told him that I would pay the additional amounts for the additional work. He left saying that Adrian would contact me via email with a new quote. On Monday I received a new quote. It was for $1,000. I agreed to the work at that new price. I also included what I thought was an exact list of what Roman and I had discussed. Later that day, I received a new email from Adrian. In this new email, he said that the treads and posts were not included, that the price would be even more, and that he was no longer interested in doing the job. He inferred that I owed him for gas and the time it took his man (Roman) to come to my house. I am now left in a dangerous situation without handrails on my front stairs. On the phone and while he was here, Roman referred to Adrian as his “partner” but I do not think that is true. I would talk to Roman and we would agree to something. But then he would talk to Adrian and not convey the entire conversation. I was never able to actually talk to Adrian about the job or to straighten out any miscommunications. It was all very distressing. Also, they wanted me to pay the entire amount at the start of the job, BEFORE any work was done and to write the check to another company name. All very odd.”

Review Date: (October 13, 2014)

Third time I used Splash. I have been very pleased each time. Vasi is a perfectionist and takes pride in his work, which has impressed us each time he has worked for us. I highly recommend Splash. Adrian and Andrew, who coordinated the work, were also easy to work with and they communicated very well in advance of each project. If in doubt, request Vasi to do the work, and you will not be disappointed.”

Review Date: (October 18, 2014)

Included a bit of roofing and Splash Carpentry doesn’t do roofing. On the phone he was polite and professional.”

Review Date: (October 27, 2014)

It went very well. We had torn the old, unsightly carpet off the stairs, exposing even uglier plywood underneath. Adrian and his team worked very diligently to meet our expectations, even though it was a challenging job. (The stairwell winds around three different corners, so each tread needed to be carefully measured and custom-cut. The painting of the risers was done in a very timely manner as well. We feel good about the money we spent, as the project greatly improves the look of our condo.”

Review Date: (October 28, 2014)

“F” RATING ACROSS THE BOARD…Splash Carpentry agreed to build a custom wine cabinet insert for our kitchen. We provided them with rough measurements of the insert area and pictures of other wine cabinet inserts to give them a better idea of what we hoped the finished product would look like. We were told that one of their associates would be contacting us in the near future.

Fast forward to ONE week prior to the agreed-upon completion date…no contact from Splash or any of their associates. I send them a msg (sent and saved through Angie’s website) to find out if the project is still on track. I am told that the insert is completed, yet no one has come to our home to take actual measurements of our cabinet area and the description given of the insert they built sounds NOTHING like what we wanted or the pictures we sent to them. Splash asks for more time to make the changes, yet no one is scheduling time to come to the home and take measurements…they continue to use the rough measurements that we sent to them. This causes me to consider whether the quality of they woodwork is up to our expectations.

Now we are approximately three weeks after the agreed-upon completion date and WE are doing all of the follow up communications with the Splash associate as to when we can expect the finished insert and when they can install it. Our first msgs were unanswered and finally a response comes to us after we send several additional messages. Again, we are told that they are ready for install yet our concerns that no one has come to our home to take measurements for this “custom-made” piece have not been addressed. We try to schedule an install date, however, since we have passed the initial agreed-upon completion date by ONE MONTH, our schedules are not as flexible as they would have been during the time we agreed to have the work done. At this time we send a msg to (someone we assume to be) the owner of Splash Carpentry through the Angie’s site (all these mgs are sent and saved on-line) saying that we have some concerns and are disappointed with the communications thus far. The response we received to our msg is somewhat belligerent stating that we have been inflexible. Given our concerns, poor communications and perceived unprofessional responses, we ask for a refund. The last response from Splash was that they were happy to give us a refund and that the custom piece was “going to look great in their home”… And it probably would since they actually took the time to take those measurements!

This was a small job and they treated it AND us like we were not valued or worth the time and effort. We chose this vendor due to the reviews from other customers so they most do some things well…HOWEVER, they missed the mark completely with us. We’re happy to share any of the communications and/msgs with anyone who would be interested in reading them so that you will feel like you can make an informed decision re Splash Carpentry.”

Review Date: (October 28, 2014)

Great work! Answered lots of detailed questions and worked quickly and effectively to finish the job. Finished product looks amazing!”

Review Date: (November 03, 2014)

Very Good overall!”

Review Date: (November 10, 2014)
Very well, Adrian’s team was very professional and responsive. The stairs and mantle look great. I would definitely use them again.”

Review Date: (November 14, 2014)

I am unsatisfied with my experience.
First the good: Communication was good via email. The skill of the tradesman who showed up was very good. The majority of the agreed on scope of work did get completed.
The Bad: This is not a General Contracting Service. We agreed on a scope of work on during our walk through. When it came time to do the job, they were NOT able to complete the plumbing that was in the scope of the work. The tradesman was a skilled carpenter. He did not have any plumbing experience.
I asked for the owner to call me, he refused. My biggest rub is that this was sold as General Contracting. Not so! What I received for my $1,500 was about 35 hours of very slow labor. Per above, quality labor. There was an assistant tradesman on site that billed at the same hourly time as the main tradesman. They included set up and take down time. This was for only labor time. The only thing I received other than labor was screws. I had to supply paint, sand paper, tape, dust protection, all plumbing supplies, all parts needed to hook up washer and dryer, etc. Again, not a General Contracting Service, just a labor service.
Share on Band of Neighbors:
Company Response:
1. the member had the option to contact Angie’s List and ask for a full refund, he did not do so;

2. before doing any work, I made sure we are on the same page, in WRITTING, through the message center, as you can see below:

the list below might be completed within 40 hours but not well below 40 hours:

1. remove 3 cabinets, install them (18 inch deep and 42 inch width)
one base cabinet standart size – 27 inch

2.plumbing: water line and waste line (some old lines) to be cutted and cap.
these are behind the base cabinet.

3.replace the new light switches.

4. hook up washer and dryer;

5. trim the exaust duct from dryer;

Pantry ( 69 inch * 27 inch) :

1. shelfes to be made from melamine board, with a 14 inch between.
2.sand and paint inside.
3.build the shelfes in the pantry.
4.divide the top
5. find and install good quality for the ” L” brackets
6. build a stable shelve for the microwave inside the kitchen cabinets

I will make a schedule by tonight and send it to you. There are two options to handle the materials :

1. you purchase them yourself and my guys will pick them up for you;

2. you and Roman can go to the closests Home Depot or Menard and buy them.

We don’t buy materials when we are honoring coupons unless they are unfinished products (lumber, screws etc) or items manufactured by us that are for sale on our website.

At your convenience I can send Roman alone or a team of two for minimum 8 hours a day. The time spent with materials purchasing will be deducted from the 40 hours.
Splash Carpentry;

3. we completed everything that we were asked; 95% of the work was carpentry, then some minor plumbing. The member is complaining about not getting any materials from us: it was clearly specified in the coupon that we don’t do that and I also reminded him again, in writting;

4. I never heard about a customer complaining about us charging for setting up the tools when the day starts and cleaning up before we leave the job site, this part of his complain is ridiculous. Other companies charge even for traveling time.

5. we are good general contractors and to prove it, I will have a video on our website (over 500 hours of work fast forwarded followed by a slide show with the most important moments) with a very esquisite project that we are working on.

6. when the member says “very slow labor” is being ridiculous again : very slow compare to whom or what ?

7. the only time I sent a helper at the jobsite was when, out of courtesy, I sent the crew back for one hour (traveling time paid by me) to install a cabinet that was ordered again because the previous one was delivered damaged and the custiomer did not bother to open the box.
We do our best to please every customer, but when you bump into a cheap person that wants to fix a whole house within 40 hours, there is not much you can do. One thing we did though: no more Big Deal coupons. All the bad reviews we have since we started here on Angie’s List are coming from the same category of members: The Coupon People.
My name is Adrian Andercau, I built this business and I don’t need to be anonymous to write my response to this review.”

Review Date: (November 19, 2014)

It was really great. They sent 2 people out to do the job. The cleanup was neat and tidy.”

Review Date: (December 08, 2014)

The workers were fast and the scheduling was easy (this was late summer 2013). HOWEVER, I have been trying to get a BAD job corrected since then and have made no headway whatsoever. So I am finally writing this review in the hopes that the owner of the company contacts me to rectify the situation.
First, the bathroom tile: Clearly the tile setters didn’t know how to lay glass tile. It looks like Mickey Mouse laid the tile. None of the seams line up and the setting material behind the tile is uneven and the surface is wavy and inconsistent. It looks ridiculous. There are at least 10-15 areas where you can see the tiles don’t line up properly. What’s more, any time you lay tile you look for inconsistencies in the tile color and point those out to the homeowner (or work around them). These tilers didn’t do that and ended up hanging tile from a different lot in which the color is clearly different. Had I known this before they hung the tile I could have taken the tile back and swapped for another batch. So now I have about 12 tiles that are miscolored that stick out like a sore thumb in very obvious places (they clearly never saw this). When I pointed ALL of this out to the tiler after the job was done, he said there is nothing they could do about inconsistent tile. I have renovated multiple homes and have had this issue before and was always able to solve it when the contractor identified the color issues, and we were able to use other tiles that matched more accurately, or call the manufacturer/retail store and swap out lots.
They also did not tile all the way around my faucet on my sink leaving a huge hole/gap in the tiling.
Then the area around the bathroom window is clearly not laid properly and the tiles aren’t even in straight lines, there are clumps of grout – it’s just awful. You could tell Andrew even thought the same.
I bought very expensive glittered grout for the floor tile. From the minute they laid the tile I pointed out that the grout was inconsistent in color. I was told because it wasn’t dry. When I pointed it out at a later date, he said the grout was dirty. It was neither of those things — it was never laid right and the grout color goes from light to dark in a random pattern. I don’t think they knew how to use that type of grout.
Finally, the kitchen tiling was done to an “ok” standard, however they left huge grout marks on my kitchen cabinets and didn’t clean up their edge lines which looks a mess. Huge gloppy hardened bits of grout in the corners, next to the cherry cabinets, etc.
I have tried multiple times to have this job corrected by calling Andrew (who is the one that presented me with the contract). I had him come back a few weeks after install and he said he’d be in touch with a plan for correction and he never got in touch with me. A few months went by (I am still renovating the house so got caught up in other projects) and tried again. He came over, said they would try to fix it, but I had to get new tile for around the window (which I don’t want). I don’t want two types of tile in a modern glass bathroom – that’s not what I hired them to do. I also want the mistakes fixed and he claims they can do spot work. There is no way to fix this tile by doing spot work. I don’t have enough of the tile, can’t get more of the tile, and now am stuck with an unfinished bathroom.
I have saved all of my communications with Andrew (via phone/text) June 18, August 7, Aug 11, Aug 21, Sept 13, Oct 6….no responses.
I called the main Splash number and at one point spoke with the owner who asked why I didn’t send the email to him through Angie’s List (didn’t know I was supposed to) and he said Andrew would handle it.
At this point nobody has handled it. I am hopeful that they will do the right thing and correct this job. I deal in real estate, construction, rehabs, everyday. I have never had such a poor experience with a contractor (and I was thinking of perhaps hiring them to do my 2nd floor bathroom addition when I first hired them).

Review Date: (December 10, 2014)

We are one month into our project, and we could not be happier. Adrian and Andrew (Doru) are true professionals that show pride in everything they do.
One specific example comes to mind – after they started the job, they didn’t like how the existing (and old) heat registers looked and thought they would take away from the look of the project (the registers effectively came out from the wall, not flush with the floor). At no cost to me, they redid the registers to come up from the floor, where they could install wood covers that would blend seamlessly into the floor. We didn’t even think to ask about it — they are just so focused on all of the details, they just couldn’t let it go!
They work very quickly and have a great command of their team. We’re just amazed at what they’ve accomplished in one month, and the focus and precision is just unmatched. Additionally, either Adrian or Andrew is always on site (i.e., no random guys just showing up that you’ve never seen before). My wife is at home during the day with my 3 year old and 2 year old daughters, and it’s great to know that one of them is always there when work is being done. Due to how extensive the work is, my wife and kids are forced to walk along the edge of the construction a few times a day getting from our kitchen to the bedrooms. As soon as Adrian or Andrew see them walking through, they immediately stop what they’re doing to ensure nobody is scared or in danger – even if they’re on the complete other side of the room! Given the extent of the renovation, and my wife and kids at home during the day, it was important for me/us to work with people we trust, and we’ve definitely found that with Adrian, Andrew, and their team. They are great with our kids, and are always taking time explain what they’re working on and design considerations.
One last thing — they are extremely open to your design ideas. I’ve probably sent them 50 emails with pictures from Houzz and Pinterest of ideas on cabinets, arches, skylights, etc. They are always receptive, and welcome our input. They’re just great to work with.
I will be updating my review as the work progresses, but if it continues as it’s been going, we are going to be beyond ecstatic with the finished project. We’ve had plenty of friends and family come by to check out the work, and everyone has been amazed at the caliber of work. I’ve joked with Adrian that he’s going to be spending a lot of time in Barrington when they’re done with our project, and we already have a list of other projects we plan to hire them for when they’re finished (and after we’ve taken a modest brake from the construction!). From what I’ve seen thus far, I would recommend without reservation Adrian, Andrew and Splash Carpentry. We couldn’t be happier.
I’ve added a few pictures. The first two pictures were taken by the prior owner of the house and show the two rooms we are combining. The third picture shows the work as of a few weeks ago. They’ve since insulated, installed three of the four skylights (one skylight arrived damaged and had to be sent back), and are now drywalling

Review Date: (December 15, 2014)

Another fantastic job by Adrian and his team at Splash Carpentry. After refinishing my floors and staircase to a darker color, I had a staircase that I needed to re-stain and I wanted to replace all of the existing iron balusters with another style baluster, which I purchased on my own. Adrian and his team came in just before the Thanksgiving holiday and completed the job in 5 days. He promised he would get done before Thanksgiving and, although my wife was skeptical, he delivered with more than enough time to spare. The staircase looks incredible and we received multiple compliments on it! We couldn’t be happier. Great work at a reasonable price.”

Review Date: (December 18, 2014)

Decent work done on repairs to basement so it is at least finished. Ran out of time to finish sanding on the drywall because of the cold and humidity.”

Review Date: (January 08, 2015)

Absolute perfection. Adrian (company owner) provided quotes for 2 projects, he was detailed and timely in sending his bid. Adrian personally installed our dining room decorative moulding(project 1). His work was precise and from our perspective perfect. We couldnt be happier.My husband and I are tough customers, we are very detailed and highly critical. We know what we like and we know quality and will accept nothing less. This was the best experience we have ever had with a contractor. He did what he said and showed up when he said he would. I didnt have to worry about his commitment.
Based on this great experience we hired Adrian to remodel our stair case(project 2) which included taking down a wall, installing new posts, railing and some dry wall repair. Sounds simple , but not at all. Adrian and his co worker John were amazing. Again, he did exactly what he said he would do on the timeline we both agreed to. He communicated with us every step of the way and never once let us down. Again, a perfect project and amazing experience.
Adrian is a wonderful guy. Incredible level of integrity and a great craftsman. During the project, they worked clean, they covered my carpet , wood floors and furniture. They cared! That is very unusual. Adrian reassured us every step of the way!!
If I ever again, which I know we will, embark on a construction/remodel project Adrian and Splash Carpentry are our guys! I would never hire anyone else. If you are looking for perfection look no further than Splash Carpentry

Review Date: (January 19, 2015)

They took a $1,300 deposit, we decided on the design, they said they would send us a list of equipment to buy for a special part of our project, never got the list. After the holidays we started calling and emailing to get the list of stuff we needed to buy and asking when we could get on the calendar for installation, never heard anything and couldn’t get in touch with our contact. We tried calling, texting, and emailing. 2 months after we paid it deposit it was returned to us with no explanation of why they didn’t want to work with us. As I pointed out to the owner, who didn’t shed any light on the situation, I see this as us lending company $1,300 for 2 months interest free.”

Review Date: (January 23, 2015)

These guys are top notch. They show up when they say they are going to. Work is done to in a timely manner and In my view the work was above and beyond. Couldn’t be happier with the emd results.”

Review Date: (January 26, 2015)

I was very impressed with Adrian and his crew. They were very professional from the estimate all the way through till the end of the project. The work they did was incredible and far surpassed my expectations. The crew worked very hard everyday, cleaned up before they left. They were also so incredibly nice and pleasant to have around. We went out of town for a bit and they were letting my dog outside! I will definitely use them again for future projects.”

Review Date: (January 26, 2015)

Adrian’s team did an excellent job for us. We had hired another contractor who destroyed our house and left us with a giant mess. Adrian started on Jan. 2 and worked straight through for 10 days including Saturdays to get it done for us (it was a real danger in our home to have no railings!).The work looks fantastic, very high end, very professionally done. We highly recommend Adrian’s team.I will add two caveats as fyi. Adrian does not do a lot of the work himself, he sends a team. At the end of the project, we really pushed them the finish on time and I think the end of the job was rushed (the details in the painting etc.) However, a week later Adrian sent Andrew who worked for an entire day fixing the small details in the paint, stain etc. to make the stairs look perfect.We are very happy with the stairs. Please see therefore and after pictures, I think the quality of the work is evident. Highly recommend.”

Review Date: (January 30, 2015)

From start to finish we had constant updates on progress and timing of next steps. His team provided quality workmanship, great design ideas and competitive pricing. Through it all- they kept the area clean and worked well with all the other trades that were on sight. We are thrilled that we selected Splash carpentry to manage so much of our renovation project.”

Review Date: (February 10, 2015)

Adrian and his crew did excellent work on a job that a couple of other carpenters were not interested in doing — perhaps because it was an odd job, and not as complex as custom cabinetry. We were primarily concerned with preserving the integrity of our beautiful old house and Adrian assured us that the wood additions at the bottom of the doors would blend right in, and that’s what he delivered. The extensions are seamless.One set of French doors could not be extended because the floor itself sloped severely on either end, so Adrian gave us a discount, then created a custom trash hold for the floor to help fill the gap.They accommodated our schedules, taking the doors away right before the holiday and returning them soon after so we weren’t without doors for too long. The work was completed on schedule. The crew that took out and reinstalled the doors were very conscientious, showed up on time, and worked diligently to make final adjustments, planing, etc, to ensure a good fit to the door frames, and did final paint touch ups.The also promised to come back and make further adjustments should the doors swell in the summer.Very pleased.”

Review Date: (February 21, 2015)

Our staircase was 120 years old and a disaster, It squeaked, treads had been sanded so much that the spindles didn’t even reach the tread. The posts, rail, and spindles had been painted a ton and just looked worn. I thought the whole thing would have to be tore down and rebuilt; however, Andrew and team worked for several days to clad the existing treads and risers then they installed new rails, posts (they managed to save 2 original posts), and spindles. We also had them Wainscot the entire run of the staircase (this in not the Wainscoting panels you buy from Home Depot). All in all, we are very satisfied. I am not going to lie, the price gave us pause at first, but after seeing how much time, skill, and attention to detail went into making these stairs look the way they do I can’t imagine it can get done for much less. The staircase is the first thing you notice when walking in the front door. Now, we can’t help but smile when we see that bad a** stair case. Seriously, it is bad a**.”

Review Date: (April 11, 2015)

I needed about 35 feet of baseboard installed in my condo. Everything went smoothly, from initial contact to installation. John worked quickly, did a great job, and cleaned up afterwards, even putting furniture back in place. Highly recommended!!”

Review Date: (April 14, 2015)

We got a price from my current contractor that we thought was quite high. We then contact Adrian from Splash Carpentry through Angies List and told him the truth, that I was looking for a fair price and not trying to get prices so I can price match amongst the different contractors.Adrian responded very quickly and was very courteous and we felt the sincerity in his response. He gave us a very reasonable price and we decided to give him the work.They showed up on time and took care of the work as agreed. He even put on trims at small areas that wasn’t originally quoted but felt that it would be better with it. The house is almost done and everything looks great.Through out the project Adrian was very responsive to all contacts through email and honestly, there’s nothing we could really say other than we would recommend them to anyone and would definitely use again and will be the first we contact should we need to get additional work done in the future..”

Review Date: (April 19, 2015)

John — arrived on time and was very professional in scoping the job and in performing the required work. All work was done in about 6 hours. The replacement matches the others on my home and looks great. Looking forward to using Splash carpentry in the future . I would recommend them to any one.”

Review Date: (April 21, 2015)

I needed to install crown molding in our family room and used the SnapFix option. I was immediately paired with Splash Carpentry and was contacted by them right away. They quoted me a price and scheduled a day to come out and do the job. Roman and his co-worker showed up a few minutes earlier than scheduled and got to work right away. They were able to cut the angles and corners of the sloped ceiling just right and finished faster than anticipated. While they were there I asked if they could install a window sill and Roman was more than happy to oblige. It cost me just a little more to have that done and they quickly got it installed. Their attitude and willingness to do a good job was impressive, I will definitely use them again.”

Review Date: (April 23, 2015)

Thrilled with the final product. white shelving & cabinet installed into the wall. He did a great job matching the framing to our old home, looks like it was always part of the house. on time & quick during consultation, proposal & installation. We are hiring them to refinish our kitchen cabinets.”

Review Date: (May 14, 2015)

This was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with a service provider. The met and exceed my expectations at every turn. I never felt like they were trying to gouge or upsell me. In fact, they were cost conscious the whole time. Adrian was very good with communication and very respectful of the fact that we were living in the house while they worked. Adrian and his crew were always punctual. When he said they’d be there by 7, it was within 5 minutes of that time. They were generally very efficient and also left no mess behind. Best of all, the resulting staircase is absolutely gorgeous. The custom quarter-sawn oak parts are stunning..”

Review Date: (May 19, 2015)

Splash was outstanding. They arrived on time to measure door opening, sat with me to order hardware online necessary for the job, built a custom door, and installed the door as scheduled on a second date. The price was reasonable, and the door looks wonderful.”

Review Date: (May 28, 2015)

Bottom line . . .

Adrian is a consummate professional, upbeat (not a fan of sour contractors), highly ethical, (and what counts most) a superior carpenter. Recommend him at the highest level..”

Review Date: (June 08, 2015)

This is the 4th project I have used Adrian and his crew on and I must say that he is one of the best trades I have and is second to none in building stair cases. His attention to detail is amazing and he always finds a way to make a staircase look like it was original to the house. I redo old high end houses and am always impressed that he is able to fit a brand new staircase into an existing structure and make it look original to the house. The other reviews say it all. Adrian does great work, is very fairly priced, and is a pleasure to work with. He understands hard work and goes the extra mile to get the job done correctly. I certainly will use him again.”

Review Date: (June 13, 2015)

Very professional – He did an excellent job – the wainscoating looks beautiful. Prepped the area well so no dust or mess and cleaned up after the project. Am using again on another project and would highly recommend to anyone else.”

Review Date: (June 22, 2015)

Varsi and Andrew are great. They are professional and hardworking. If there is anything unsatisfied, they will try their best to fix it.Really appreciate all their help. Would highly recommend them.”

Review Date: (July 16, 2015)

I considered several bids from carpenters before ultimately deciding on Splash carpentry. Simply put, Adrian is a master carpenter. Besides his exceptional skill, the best thing about Adrian is his communication skills. He provided me with daily updates via e-mail about his progress and plan for the upcoming days. He took down a 75 year old fireplace and replaced with one he built custom on site. He replaced aging trim with beautiful 7″ inch baseboards, 5 1/4″ door trim with an additional 3 1/2″ header, and new 7″ crown molding. The difference in the look of the house is unbelievable.
I had such a great experience working with Adrian. He made sure I understood all the details of the work he would perform before the work started and the entire transaction was very pleasant.
Because of the fantastic job he did along with the overall experience I selected Adrian as my contractor for a large whole home renovation I am undertaking as an investor. We have already started discussing a major addition to my home as well

Review Date: (July 17, 2015)

I Adrian and Matthew were easily contacted at their listed phone number. Adrian had done work for us 2 years ago replacing the spindles and handrail on our stairs. I contacted them to refinish my entire first floor as well as the front and back stair treads. They submitted a timely proposal thoroughly detailing the work to be performed and the cost. I found their pricing to be extremely fair. They started the work when they said they would and finished on time. They did an outstanding job on our 95 year old floors and stairs. They custom crafted the cove moulding under the stair treads to perfection. Every step of the process was professional and timely. I would highly recommend them for floor refinishing A+++++.”

Review Date: (September 01, 2015)

Adrian and team did picture framing in our dining room. They were on time, did the work in about a half a day and did a great job! Was exactly what I wanted.”

Review Date: (September 15, 2015)

Without a doubt, Adrian demonstrates the four things you want in a finish carpenter – skill, creativity, attention to detail and pride. Finish carpentry is one of the most critical elements of any renovation project. He not only had to put the finishing touch on the work of so many others but in some cases he even had to compensate for their mistakes to make the end result look flawless. That’s the magic that the finish carpenter needs to bring to the project and Adrian came through for us. Of course, with a project of this magnitude, errors and miscommunication on both sides are inevitable. The important thing for me is how they get resolved. Adrian took responsibility for his work and his team. He admitted when mistakes were made and worked diligently to resolve in a timely fashion to get the project back on track. His pricing was competitive but more important he never took advantage of change orders and add-ons. I would highly recommend Adrian for your project. In fact, he will be returning to my house for phase 2 in a few months.”

Review Date: (October 22, 2015)

I cannot say enough about how great it was working with these guys. We weren’t quite sure what to expect, but they were truly expert consultants. We gave them a pretty tough task – figure out how to replace two huge built-ins so it looks like they belong in the house even though they’re brand new. They listened to what we wanted and came up with some great creative touches to really incorporate elements throughout our house into the finished project. Not only that, but they custom made a closet door to match our other doors on a reduced scale.
I am just absolutely blown away by how perfect everything turned out. They worked with us on every aspect of the project together, communication was excellent, and honestly I don’t want to do another project like this in my house without involving Victor and John – those guys are the BEST.
Another great plus – these guys are super responsive and tech savvy. Emails are answered quickly and thoroughly, and it really helped put our minds at ease when we had questions, which is great.
The only negative I can think of was we had to wait a while to get on their schedule, but after seeing what they did in four days I can say without reservation that it was 100% worth the wait.
I’m not sure what to say about the negative reviews. Those are not indicative of my experience with these guys at all. A+ I would use them again in a heartbeat

Review Date: (November 13, 2015)

I was very pleased with the experience. Adrian came out to my house fairly soon after we first made contact and he assessed my project. I ended up purchasing the posts he manufactured and they were sent to me directly to my home. The material used in the posts were sapele which Adrian advised he had used in other exterior projects and he showed me examples of the material and its ability to withstand the weather. The items were packaged very thoroughly and they arrived approximately when he said they would be ready. Adrian advised me to finish the posts with general finishes 450, and I could not be happier. The finish he recommended really brought the wood to life. I fell in love with his product and the sapele material that I had matching steps and hand rails made from sapele. I was very pleased with the newel post product.”

Review Date: (November 22, 2015)

We contacted Splash Carpentry to redo our stairs based on past reviews. We initially met with John who was knowledgeable, timely and courteous. Next step we met with John and Adrian where samples were brought to the home to give us a clear idea of materials being used in the project. After assessing all bids received we decided to go with Splash Carpentry. The job begin and ended in the time frame given. John arrived on time every morning and cleaned up before leaving evening. The job exceeded our expectations…Post, Balusters, Railing, Newel, and knee wall. Job very well done. We cannot get over how much it has changed the look of our home. We are so pleased we have decided to use Splash Carpentry for an additional project in our home.”

Review Date: (November 22, 2015)

Splash carpentry did a great job at my house, they tear off the old stairs and rebuild a new one with nice wood work, great quality, done in short period of time. The guys were very professionals know exactly what are doing overall a great experience, thank you.”