Custom flush mounted engineered wood floor vents 5/8″ ; from your floor!


Custom flush mounted engineered wood floor vents 5/8″ ; from your floor!


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Out of stock .


We came out with a solution for our customers that hate the idea of having a standard metal or wood vent dropped on top of their brand new, beautiful floor.
Our vents are made to order and shipped very quickly: as soon as we receive the planks from our customers (we require 36″ long pieces) we are able to manufacture the vents in one piece, without a frame, very strong and most importantly, allowing a large amount of airflow through them.
The installation is very simple, same as the installation of a standard vent.
We will post a video on our YouTube channel, Splash Carpentry, to show how quickly and easy is actually done.
We do excellent quality work. Please check us on our YouTube channel, Angie’s List, Instagram and Houzz.
The price listed is for one vent, manufactured from material provided by the buyer.
Please note that the floor planks have to be minimum 36″ long and minimum 7″ wide. Out of one plank, we can make 2 vents. For safety reasons, we will ask you to send us at least 3 extra planks.
The actual dimensions of the vent are 6″ wide x 12″ long,
We will alter the width and length of the vents to your needs at no extra cost.
Sometimes, during the manufacturing process, we discover pockets of air in the floor planks which will weaken the structure of the vent;
We can work with any thickness from 3/4″ to 3/8″ .
We also provide these vents for free, 50 miles radius from Chicago, if you hire us for installation.
Our installers are seasoned professionals. Our work is backed by warranty and we will provide proof of liability and worker’s compensation insurance.


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