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Hookah Table

September 16, 2013 carpentry


Unique patterns, for your hookah table.

All hand carved, large size to keep your hookah accessories inside the table.

The hookah table was designed as a solution for the following problems:

1. Larger hookah’s have the tendency to fall if the hose is not used carefully;

2. A convenient place to store the hookah’s supplies and accessories;

3. A cleaver way to decorate a room with a nice, unique piece of furniture;

All the hookah’s have 6 hidden wheels. The clearance from the floor can be decided by the customer: 1/4″ is enough for hardwood floors and tiles, 3/4″ is necessary if the hookah table will be moved on carpet. The wheels are rubber, and they will not ruin the hardwood floors.

The standard dimensions are approximately 25″ tall and 8″ wide sides.

The client has the option to decide on : dimensions, wood species and finishes.

For example: the hookah table in the picture was designed to match the box newel posts of a stair project.